Editor’s Note:

For the longest time, people wondered if there would be a Kentucky Derby in 2020. For the longest of times, there were some people that threatened our Kentucky Derby and all our traditions. For the longest of times, the speculation ran more rampant than our beloved horses.

On Saturday, the longest running race in Kentucky history, held it’s 146th reunion. Our Kentucky Derby won. Our Churchill Downs won. Our horse industry and our history won out.

We all joined Authentic in winning on Saturday.

Here’s a look at some of the horses; some of the racing; some of the pageantry and some of the fabric that will happen again in 8 months from now.

We shall return on the “First Saturday in May” of 2021. And, we will all join together again to sing one song. We shall return for Kentucky Derby 147.

Thanks to the great team at Coady Photography for capturing the sights of this year’s Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. Amazing work.

Thanks to the great media team at Churchill Downs, who is unmatched. Unmatched. The best in the business.

Thanks to all the believers. That’s what we do. We believe.