Day Results 12 / 4-4-6
2020 Overall 281 281 / 98-91-110
Win % of Top Pick 34.88%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.47%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –175-281 62.28%
Top Selection ITM / TP Winter-Sprng 166-267 62.18%
Top Selection Win / TP Winter-Spring 94-267 35.21%
“Key Horses” @ TP Winter-Spring 40-10-10-8 25.00% Win / 70.00% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 41-11-10-8 26.83% Win / 70.73% ITM

Turfway had its’ biggest race day of the year on Saturday. They hosted the annual Jeff Ruby Steaks in front of no one, other than grooms, hot walkers, trainers, a few owners, and staff.

We had 4 winners out of the 12 races carded. We had exactas that returned $35.80, $22.70, $11.10, $15.30, and $13.60 for each $1 wagered. We had 4 of 5 in the first Pick 5 and we did the same a bit later.

The local riders certainly held their respective “own,” too. They won 6 of the 12 races and may have captured the day — if not for an Irad Ortiz, Jr. sweep of the final 3 races on the card.

That guy is really, really, really good — by the way.

But, truthfully, who cares what I did on Saturday.

There are other things more important to care about, right now. Aren’t there?

What a sad state of affairs that we now find ourselves in, right? A pandemic that the world has not seen or witnessed since the Black Plague. More people, each day, are being diagnosed. More people, by the way, are becoming sick. Yet, more people are dying.

No need to waste time blaming and pointing fingers. Need to utilize our time, and our best minds on fixing and healing hands. Here’s hoping and praying that our country — the biggest and the best — will do just that now. Focus on a test. Deliver a solution. Cure the sick. Fix the problem. No matter how rich. No matter how poor. No matter the color of the skin. No matter the nation from whence they come or reside.

I wish we could all take the money we would bet on one race — one single race — and donate it to the best, more notable and reputable, most renown and most successful medical association to help find the cure. Or…maybe we can donate it to a group of organizations that can help deliver and administer tests. Or…maybe we can assist a local nursing home; homeless shelter; backside community; hospital; community center.

Or, help disinfect or help the most vulnerable of our society.

Or, just help.

I wish OUR sport and OUR industry would organize such a drive. I cannot do it. But I can support it. And, I will promote it.

So, what say you The Jockey Club?

What do you — NTRA, TOBA, NYRA, or any other alphabet soup organization?

How about the HBPA and the KTA-KTOB? We can’t join hands right now, or lock arms. We have to practice “safe distancing.” But we can certainly share the same dream and offer the same solace. Can’t we?

Here’s a novel idea.

Let’s step up.

Let’s do what’s right.

Let’s help others.

After all, my friends, it is the right thing to do.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do, if it even helps to kick start such a thing. I will reach out to our syndicate members that own our 2YO filly Diamond Solitaire. I will ask each to make the first financial commitment. It’s a damn good group of some of the nicest people in the entire world, and we can raise some money.

Will you?

I hope we all do.

For our brethren.

For our nation.

For our world.

Let me know where to start. Let me know how we can help put an end.

(Diamond Solitaire syndication members)