Work continues on the Louisville Thoroughbred Society, which is scheduled to open for full business later this year.

Work continues on the outside, with the construction of a new parking garage. The rooftop will serve as an “open air” bar and entertainment zone for the new, private membership club and will house one of the region’s largest and most premium “Cigar Bars.”

Work continues on the inside, with a new elevator shaft on the North end of the building nearly completed. The old staircase from the first floor has now been completely removed. The historic hardwood floors where the entrance foyer and the bar / restroom / kitchen areas will be located have been removed, preserved and will be utilized in other spaces. The beautiful subway tile in the premium meeting room area has been stripped of all the old paint and is being restored to its’ natural beauty. New windows in the front of the building are being installed.

Landscape architects are in the final stages of designing the rooftop bar and entertainment zones, which will be equipped with dining tables, leisure areas, decorative shrubs and grasses, and open air fire pits.

Interior designers are finalizing the “look and feel” for the enclosed areas — including specialty tiles, drapes, seating accommodations and lightning fixtures for the restaurant area, the main meeting room space, the luxurious “Cigar Bar” and the “Conservatory.”

We are gearing up for a major “KY Derby” Themed Reception and “Open House” for later this Spring. You can check on membership opportunities at our website, Membership is open to the first 1,000 persons that apply, fill out the membership application and send in the one-time, membership initiation fee.

It will be the premier, private membership club in the region, and will provide first class amenities and services to all those persons interested in, invested in, fans of the Thoroughbred industry, and more.

Come take a look online. And, be ready this Spring to be one of the first to take a look inside. We are building a new facility. But we plan to build a lot of fun memories, too.