Editor’s Note:

There’s few things in life better than a Spring day in Kentucky. Fewer, still, than anything better than a Spring day in Kentucky at the racetrack.

Today is the Opening Day of the Keeneland Spring Meet. So much to do. So much to look forward to. So much to be decided. So much unto have fans back in action, as well as the Thoroughbreds.

In Kentucky, you see, the fan and Thoroughbred go together like burgoo and Keeneland; like corned beef and rye; like Corey Lanerie and a closer on the rail.

It is back.

It is fun.

It is here.

And, here are some looks from the peeps at Coady Photography. You should not be without some looks:

Essential Quality Schools before Saturday’s G2 Blue Grass Stakes:

Bohemian Frost Wins the First Race of the Meet: