It is just a couple of days before the greatest holiday of them all. All kids — from the age of 1 to 92 — are all excited. The presents are all wrapped and under the tree. The stockings full of goodies for both boys and girls. And, the anticipation of Santa and the 12 sturdy stallions breaking from the gate are truly dancing in our heads. (I had to ad-lib just a little to throw in a horse reference, mind you.)

On Monday, Dec. 23, our crews were working like elves trying to prepare the final gifts and load the sleigh for the “Big Man.” Don’t stand still too long, or you will get a hammer in your hand. Don’t move too fast, or you will get a sheet of dry wall to hang on your way out the door. Don’t mind the dust, either. It is flying about as fast as James and his merry band of construction workers.

Just to tease you just a hair, and get you even more excited, please find a few photos from our very own Holly M. Smith, who got a tour early on Monday with her parents — who are visiting from Florida.

I even toss in a frame or two, just to add a little “amateur photography” to the great Holly Collection.

We are moving. And, shaking. And, we might be flying along with Santa in about 24 hours, too.

All to bring you a giant new, big, shiny and wonderful new present in 2020.

Here’s our latest looks inside the LTS.

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

And, we hope to see you in 2020.

(The major bar area is getting ready for a build out / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

(The bathroom walls have been insulated, and dry-walled / Photos by Gene McLean)

(The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is getting ready for a new look / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(The Hughes Lofts have a new elevator and the lobby will provide access to the basement, as well / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(The front of the building after refurbishing / Photo by Gene McLean)

(The entrance foyer is getting a remodeling from tip to toe, and the parking garage is under full construction / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(Insulation has been installed in the interior walls of the LTS / Photo by Gene McLean)

(The LTS Library is getting dry wall and other improvements / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(The major LTS room is under full construction, with dry wall and other work going on / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(Construction workers were at full tilt on Monday, Dec. 23 — just a couple of days before Christmas / Photos by Gene McLean)

(Hallway to the new LTS dining room is getting dry wall, too / Photo by Holly M. Smith)