And, So It Begins: Construction on New Parking Garage Begins

(Construction crews begin activity on newly proposed parking garage)

And, so it begins…

Earlier this week, heavy equipment was rolled into downtown Louisville and construction crews are now on-sight to begin demolition and content removal that will enable a new parking garage to be built adjacent to the former “Fetzer Building.”

The new parking structure, to be located in-between the Ice House and the historic “Fetzer Building,” will become part of the newly proposed Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

The roof top of the garage — which is proposed to be a “green roof” with open-air, park-like features — will be part of the leased property for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

The “Society” will be a private membership club dedicated to providing first-class service and amenities that will cater to those persons interested in, invested in, and wish to participate in the Thoroughbred industry.

The sight is expected to offer state-of-the-art audio and video presentations of racing events from around the world. In addition, the new, upscale facility will have private meeting areas, and will offer many food and beverage opportunities for all members and guests.

Valet parking is being planned, and other top shelf “membership services” are being developed to help provide value-added programs for those persons that join the club.

A first-class “Cigar Bar” is being designed for the roof top / green roof designated areas, as well.

The construction / restoration / remodel project is expected to take about 10 to 12 months to fully complete. Plans are being made, though, to potentially have the facility open before the 2019 Kentucky Derby, if possible.

More definitive plans on “Opening” will be defined as the project construction progresses, and we have a better idea on what timeline is both possible and probable.

For more information about membership packages and/or how you can invest in the project, please email us at


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