There are those special moments in sports when you are left in awe watching an athlete surpass their competition and leap into another stratosphere of athleticism. Today that moment happened in the Thoroughbred world.

For those watching the Group 1 Commonwealth Cup, at the iconic Royal Ascot in the United Kingdom, it was a chill bump moment when a strapping colt named Caravaggio proved feisty in the gates and still managed to knock out his tough competition with a swift turn of foot.

Trained by undoubtedly one of the best horse trainers in the world, Aidan O’Brien, who has been the champion trainer in Ireland consecutively since 1998, Caravaggio has been called the fastest horse he has ever trained. While those words may have been muttered before, you get the feeling he might actually mean it this time.

After Friday’s races, the 3-year old colt now has an unblemished 6-for-6 record, and provides racing moments for a spectator, where you feel lucky to have the chance to witness greatness. And, that was just watching on the NBCSN coverage, it’s hard to imagine the goosebumps of those lucky enough to see him in the flesh.

To make Caravaggio’s win even more impressive, just a few seconds before the gates flew open for the field to make their bid down the sprint course, Caravaggio reared up on his hind legs, maybe boasting to the rest of his competition that he was there.

But, undoubtedly, Caravaggio gave his jockey, Ryan Moore, a little bit of extra adrenaline he may not have been looking for at that moment. Yet, when the gates flew open, the pair of them put in an effort that left the racing world a buzz with the sheer talent put on display.

In an industry where these special, four-legged athletes are what connects so many people, it takes a horse like Caravaggio to bring together not only those already enthralled by this sport, but even those that perhaps maybe tuned into the coverage and just happened to see his performance.

For now, maybe those lucky few will keep an eye out for when this horse — who provided them with a little excitement on a Friday morning — will race again.

Maybe they will tell their friends, or, perhaps, they will seek out their local racetrack to find that buzz in person.

Perhaps this young colt doesn’t realize his performance today is one that makes racing fans, or gives current ones that feeling of aspiration and awe. It is OK, if he doesn’t realize that from England, to Ireland, to the USA and around the globe all that watched him saw something special today.

But for those that do comprehend a performance like that, we all know wherever he races next, we will all be united and tuned in to watch this steely grey coat hurling across the finish line in a fashion not like many others.

And if you want to witness for yourself check this out.