Total Day Results 8 / 1-5-5
2021 Overall 324 324 / 104-114-125
Win % of Top Pick 32.10%
Payoff% of Top 3 Picks Overall 35.29%
2021 Top Pick in the Money Overall — 196-324 60.49%
2021 Top Selection ITM / TP 133-220 60.45%
2021 Top Selections Win / TP 73-220 33.18%
“Key Horses” @ TP 33/ 14-5-3 42.42% Win / 66.67% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2021 46 / 23-9-3 50.00% Win / 76.09% ITM

We will take a swing to the South, virtually, today and handicap the full card at Oaklawn Park. And, what a day of racing it should be — capped by the G2 Rebel Stakes and a another wonderful journey on the “Road to the Kentucky Derby.”

We are providing our “picks” and “program numbers” only today. We have a whirlwind of activity at The Louisville Thoroughbred Association today and I am headed there soon to assist in production of our first, ever “Brims & Bridles” fashion show. What a show it will be.

Hope you enjoy our looks at Oaklawn Park:

1st: 2-7/3-9/5-1-8/10…

2nd: 1-(13)-(14)/4-3-2/10-7-6-5…

3rd: 1-7/5-11-9/4-2/3-6…

4th: 9-12/(13)-2/4-8-(14)/10-6/1-11/3-7/5…

5th: 5-3-1/4-2…G2 Azeri Stakes…I got to go with the KY Oaks winner, coming in off the layup.

6th: 10/3-9-4-2/1-7/5-8/6…

7th: 4-7-5/2-6/3…Essex Handicap…I love Tax in this spot.

8th: 3-7-10/1-2/4-9-8/5-11-6…

9th: 10-4-2/9-6/1-8/5…Temperarnce Hill Stakes…This is a 11/2-mile marathon and I will saddle up with Campaign.

10th: 2-6/7-1-3/4-5…Hot Springs Stakes…Flagstaff should run much better with one under his belt in 2021. Look for redemption at a square price.

11th: 1-6-7/4-8-3/2…G2 Rebel Stakes…What a very nice race, but I will go with Caddo River from the rail. Let’s go speed-watching.

12th: 7-5/11-1-8/6-4/(14)-(13)-9-10-12-2…

Good Luck & All the Best / Gene