(Roadster, winner of the Santa Anita Derby, has caught by our own Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note: Every since my lovely daughter, Alex McLean Sharp, began doing her expert fashion blog (www.lexwhatwear.com), she has always asked my degenerate son (actually, he is a top-notch government relations expert for AT&T in Columbus, OH) to write a piece on the Kentucky Derby. Each year, Brad has done it. Each year, Alex has published it. Every year, Brad shows up his dad. (Embarrassing.) But it is a great collaboration. Check out Alex’s blog. She is gorgeous and so is the site. Check out Brad’s “Derby Picks” below. He is a wonderful son. I am blessed.

By Brad McLean:

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been this excited for a Derby in while. Although its sad to see Omaha Beach forced to scratch from the field, I think it makes an already great betting race even more intriguing. I now believe that at least 6 horses have a chance to win this race. In order I have them ranked as follows: Roadster, Game Winner, Tacitus, Vekoma, Code of Honor, and Win Win Win. Beyond those six, I think another 10 horses have a chance to hit the board. Maximum Security will likely be bet down to single digit odds but you can make a strong case that this front runner can hit the board. Both War of Will and Tax would have taken a significant portion of my money had they not drawn the 1 and 2 holes, but I am still using them underneath in exotics. The point is, this race is wide open and could be made even more unpredictable with the impending rain closing in on Louisville the next two days.

With the relative parody I see amongst the top contenders here, I am going to try and hit some exotics with the hopes a bomb or two come in. My key is going to be Roadster. I just think the horse has a ton of talent and the Baffert angle is hard to argue. I am also going to use Game Winner in all of my bets. Another Baffert horse has come back from a lengthy lay off with two nice efforts and could be sitting on a monster race. Some of the bets I am going to be playing are below. Good luck, but lets be honest, if you are relying on a guy who writes a derby article for his sister’s fashion blog to make you a ton of money, you are a degenerate…and I love you.

  • $50 WPS on 17 (Roadster) – $150
  • $.50 Tri Box 17, 16, 6, 8, 14, 2 – $60
  • $.50 Tri Box 17, 16, 13, 1, 7, 5 – $60