It is Friday. It is Day 1 of Breeders’ Cup 2017.  Racing here we come.

Can you remember Christmas morning, when you were a kid.  All year, you waited with excitement for that day to arrive. You looked at catalogues (we had those way back before the internet, kids), and took a red ink pen and circled the things we would love to see under that tree of green.  And, then we waited. And, we changed our minds, and circled a few other things. And, then we waited.

Excitement built as the days and weeks dragged by until we got to that season; that day.  Sleep was hard to come by. Anticipation of grandeur danced in your head.

Then, it was there. Amazing day of fun and celebration.

Breeders’ Cup is much the same way for adults who love horses. We anticipate. We get our catalogues (The Daily Racing Form), and we circle the past performances with this note and that important statistic. And, then we circle the names of those we think may win. In red ink.

And, then we wait.  For the day. When you can open up that special Pick 3 ticket; that perfect Exacta; that Win-Place-Show bet that you have been waiting to see all year.

Then, it was here. Today is the first day of the Breeders’ Cup extravaganza. Four Breeders’ Cup races will kick off the huge event this afternoon at the scenic and historic Del Mar Race Course near San Diego.

The weather is beautiful.  The ocean and sky are blue as can be. And, it is about race time. Over the past week, I have been carving out my top selections.  This morning, I actually made a few more changes. You can see my selections for all 13 Breeders’ Cup races in detail on the spreadsheet enclosed below. Simply click on the link; insert your name, email address and password, and you will open the door to see the collection of gifts under the tree.

Let’s hope that one or two of them will be winners.  And, give us all exactly what we have been hoping for — a chance to tell everyone how we selected that horse.

I have my top selection, all the way down to pick 6, in descending order from the top of each race category.  In other words, my top pick in each division will appear at the top. The second choice will appear next. And, so forth.

These are my initial thoughts going into the week.  I will make daily alternations and some serious changes.  But here is a closer look.

In addition, we have a couple of expert handicappers in Rob Murphy (who has been to several of these events with me) and Dan Liebman (who is one of the best handicappers the game has ever seen) to dive into these races into detail a bit later this week.

But let’s begin the discussions.  And, let’s begin the fun. 

After all, the Breeders’ Cup is, without question, the Greatest Place on Earth.  It is truly magical.

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