(Trainer Buff Bradley, right, congrats jockey Calvin Borel / Photo by Holly M. Smith)

(We interview Buff at his barn several days ago)

Editor’s Note:

When they invented the word “horseman” — whenever it was — they truly had the image of Buff Bradley dancing in their heads. The epitome of the photo beside the definition in the ole’ Webster.

It’s all he does. It’s all he has ever done, truthfully.

In the morning, he wakes up and tends to his horses. Whether that be at this farm near Frankfort, or his barn full at a racetrack near him.

In the afternoons, he gets spiffed up and heads to the racetrack. He saddles a few. He watches a few more. He studies. He games.

In the evenings, he stops back to top off the water buckets and drops a few scoops of sweet feet for each of his pupils to snack. He walks by every stall. He checks on every horse. He does it every day.

In his downtime, that’s funny, he goes to Lexington to visit with his favorite buddy, The Player, who now stands as a stallion at Crestwood Farm. Or, you can catch him on the tractor, bush hogging a paddock. Or, you can see him walking the fields of green looking in on some mares and foals.

If you had to make a bet? It would safe to say that inside of the 4 or 5 hours of sleep that he manages to squeeze into a day’s time, that most of the dreams are about horses. Just guessing. And, that outside of those rapid eye movement times? He’s working with horses.

It is his life’s work.

It it his passion.

It is his livelihood.

It is his passion, as I mentioned before.

Here’s a little look at Buff after he got back from New Orleans and during his self-imposed quarantine at this farm. He got to spend a few weeks with some of his favorite friends.

Do yourself a favor. It will be the highlight of your day. Because this video highlights a typical day in the life of Buff Bradley.

A true horseman.

Click on the link:

Buff Bradley Farm Life