(Mike Schnell, Hughes Lofts co-owner and one of three Founding Members of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society, oversees the construction of the new facility / Photo by Gene McLean)

Take a look.

Construction crews were on location Saturday, cracking open new doors for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society at the Hughes Loft Building at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville. The new doors will open into a glass-enclosed addition on the side of the building, and will give members free access to a green roof, open-space area on the top of a newly constructed parking garage.

The garage will be constructed in an open space that currently separates the existing Ice House and the historic Hughes Building renovation and restoration project. Once completed, the garage will provide parking spaces for both the Ice House apartments and the Hughes Lofts.

The rooftop of the garage, though, will be utilized as a state-of-the art green roof, recreation open space — which will allow members of The Louisville Thoroughbred Society to experience all the comforts of the new, private membership club in an outdoor environment. The rooftop will also be the location for a premium “Cigar Bar” which will occupy space inside The Louisville Thoroughbred Society and the outside pavilion, as well. The outdoor space will be the only area utilized for smoking.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society will be a private membership club open to all those persons interested in, invested in, and enjoy the experience that is Thoroughbred racing and breeding. The facility will include premium, private meeting and dining areas; a expansive bar and open lounge area where patrons can watch, listen and enjoy Thoroughbred racing from around the globe on the latest, and greatest technology Audio/Video equipment.

The LTS will be kicking off “official” activities with a “Ground Breaking Open House” on Wednesday, Oct. 17. If you are interested in attending this private function, please email us at [email protected] and reserve you a space.

Here is a closer look at Saturday’s activities:

It’s coming along. Don’t be left out. Call. Email. Text us. Twitter. Get your information on membership proposals and be prepared to enjoy downtown Louisville’s latest and greatest new addition.

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