Day Results 9 / 1-5-4
2020 Overall 1421 1421 / 501-476-601
Win % of Top Pick 35.26%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 37.02%
2020 Top Pick in the Money –921-1,421 64.81%
Top Selection ITM / KEE 87-133 65.41%
Top Selections Win / KEE 45-133 33.83%
“Key Horses” @ KEE 11-7-1-1 63.63% Win / 81.82% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2020 191-65-43-27 34.03% Win / 70.68% ITM

A rather chilly day at the windows on Thursday. Won the first race on the card and then went 0-for-8 after that. I’d call that chilly.

But it wasn’t as if I was “that” wrong. My top pick finished second on three separate occasions. My top pick cashed tickets in six of the nine races.


And, I had 7 exactas rendered from the 9 races.


Chilly? Yes. Totally cold? No.

So we are back for a most wonderful Friday afternoon. Just wished fans could make their way to the apron for a Fall festivity. Soon, they will be able to do so at Churchill Downs. Very soon.

Here’s a look at today’s card at Keeneland:

1st: 3-5/1-4/6-2…No comments and betting strategy again today, guys. Still on vacation with the beautiful one. Sorry.

2nd: 2-1-4/5/3-6…

3rd: 2-4-5/3/8-1/7…

4th: Moved to Main Track…at 11/16-miles…7-1/4-2/11-12-10/8-6-9…

5th: 1-7-5/9-3/8-6-4…Interesting note here. Ricardo Santana, Jr. does NOT ride the Asmussen horse, but rides for Norm Casse. Very interesting. Indeed…

6th: 9/5-8-3/4-1/2-6-7…#9 is Key Play of the Day…

7th: Move to Main Track…at 5.5 furlongs…8-5-1/10-4/9…

8th: 9-8-6/4-7/1-2/5…

9th: On Turf…at 1 Mile…4-9-10/3-11-(13)/7-8/5-12/2-1…Will be tough to beat the top 2 numbers, but if the #10 is ready off the bench? Watch out. Upset Special of the Day — 10.

10th: 8-4-1/9-6/5-2/7-3…#8 had legit excuse in first outing, when well bet. Look for more. Upset Special of the Day II — 8.

Good Luck & All the Best / Gene