Total Day Results 8 / 4-1-5
2021 Overall 1,868 1868 / 697-660-876
Win % of Top Pick 37.31%
Payoff% of Top 3 Picks Overall 39.85%
2021 Top Pick in the Money Overall — 1,253-1,868 67.08%
2021 Top Selection ITM / TP 41-80 51.25%
2021 Top Selections Win / TP 26-80 32.50%
“Key Horses” @ TP 10 / 4-3-1 40.00% Win / 80.00% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2021 283/ 128-64-25 45.23% Win/ 76.68% ITM
“Longshots of Day” @ TP 11 / 0-1-2 00.00% Win / 27.27% ITM
“Longshots of Day” @IGR (11-11-21) 21/4-1-0 19.095% Win / 23.81% ITM
“Longshots of the Day” @ SAR (8-28-21) 4/0-2-0 00.00% Win / 50.00% ITM
“Longshots of the Day” @ KY Downs 19/2-1-2 10.53% Win / 26.20% ITM
“Key Horses” @ Breeders’ Cup 2/1-0-0 50.00% Win / 50.00% ITM
“Longshots of the Day” @ Breeders’ Cup : 2 / 1-0-1 50.00% Win / 100.00% ITM

We were well on our way last night to having the kind of handicapping experience that I have been waiting for and expecting for quite some time.

First three races.

First three wins.

Could see the Pick 5 in sight. Finish line just ahead.

Well, as they (whomever “they” is?) say, all things must come to an end.

We have just one more winner out of the last 5. Missed the Pick 5. Missed our donation night to the Mayfield relief efforts. Missed a great chance for a great dance.

Ended up with 4 winners out of 8 races at Turfway Park, though, and that’s like climbing a snow mountain in flip-flops, these days.

We are back to end the race week on Sunday. Here’s our looks:

1st: 7-1/5-8/3-6/2-9/4-10…Tempesta (7) gets the nod in the ole’ lid-lifter today at the “New & Improved” Turfway Park. Remember. First Post is at 1 p.m. ET. This 4YO son of Noble Mission is a NY-bred and will run up against open company here. But this one did that a year ago, with some success and drops from the $40,000 restricted price to the $7,500 claiming tag her. Barn wins with .40% when dropping this much at once and threader has been heating up here nicely. I like. Camouflage Kisser (1) is my first “Longshot Special of the Day.” This one drops from the $40,000 level at Aqueduct to this $7,500 cash value here. Ran a good one the last two outs, too. Should fit with these kind. Like the 12-1 ML price. I bet the 7-1 across the board and then box those two in the exactas. I will key the 7-1 over/under the 5-8-3-6-2-9 in two smaller units.

2nd: 3-6/1-7-9-11/8-5-(13)/4-2…Golden Notion (3) drops another rung in the claiming ladder and all the way to the bargain bin here. This one has a nice stalking style and will be reunited with a hot rider who has a couple of 4ths on his back in previous tries. In 7 tries at this distance, is still looking for the first win. But? Has 3 seconds and 2 thirds. Fat Account (6) has a nice 1-2-0 mark in three previous tries over this surface and should be fresh off the layup. Barn wins with .20% of those returning as a beaten favorite. I bet the 3-6 across the board and then box these two in the exactas. I will key the 3-6 over/under the 1-7-9-11 in two smaller units.

3rd: 5-6-8/7-1/2-4/3…Masked Marauder (5) is another NY-bred shipping in for the NY-based outfit. This one drops considerably for this try, too. Was claimed off a nice win at Saratoga against other state-brews back in August. Not much since. Should find this drop to his liking. Barn wins with .09% when going route to a sprint distance. Chance. Hot Pastrami (6) was running out in California before being shipped to Indy Grand for the last try. Didn’t fire there, but now has gone under the knife for the biggest equipment change of all. Barn wins with .29% in the 2nd start off a claim effort. Hot rider up. Turfy (8) has not been out since July, but this barn fires off the bench as good as anyone in the business. Drops to the claiming ranks for the first time and the barn wins with .30% of those kind. Must use for me. I bet the 5-8 across the board and then box the top 3 numbers in the exactas. I will key the top 3 numbers over/under the 7-1 in two smaller units.

4th: 7-4/1-5-6/2-3-10/8-9…Dragon Drew (7) is a former Stakes winner for my great friend Buff Bradley, but that has been several years ago. Seems to have found a nice niche now, though, in the lower end of the claiming ranks. Has hit the board in each of the last 3 outs, and 5 of the last 6. Missed by a nose here on Dec. 5, but moved up to the win via DQ. Look for more here from a top-notch trainer, who is winning at a .22% rate this meet. Magna G Force (4) has 3 wins in 6 previous tries here and horses that do well here? Well, they do well here. I bet the 7-4 across the board and then box these two in the exactas. I will key the 7-4 over/under the 1-5-6-2-3-10 in two smaller units.

5th: 8-12-(13)-2/3-4-10-11/7-1/9-5…French Franc (8) ships in from Santa Anita for a hot barn operation, which has gone 3-2-1 in the first 10 starts during this Holiday Meet. This one began the career with two promising starts. Fallen off the grid here of late. Should like this class relief. Still Carrying On (12) gets the class drop from trainer Dale Romans after a misfire in the career debut. Connections here are solid. Very good. Chance at this level. I use Lady Livermore (2) if the #13 does not draw in from the AE List. This one drops from the MSW ranks, too, and should merit some consideration with the last work on Dec. 4 effort. I bet the 8-12 across the board and then box the top 3 in the exactas. I will key the 8-12 over/under the 13-2-3-4-10-11 in two smaller units.

6th: 5-12-2/10-1/3/7-8/9-4…R One Wine (5) is a first time starter for a top barn operation, which is off to a chilly start here this meet. Don’t worry. Connections will heat up. This one is training lights out and gets the meet’s go-to rider up, as well. I know this is a firster, but this is my firster “Key Play of the Day.” I will? I will bet the 5 across the board and then box the top 3 in the exactas. I will key the 5 over/under all the numbers listed. More with the 12-2-10-1 than the rest.

7th: 3-6/2-11-7/9/4-7-1-5/8-10…Tartufo (3) has run two really good ones in a row and figures to be a handful in this spot, if he takes to the AW surface for the first time. Ban wins with .16% of those returning as a beaten favorite and may improve with the return to the route distance, too. Gets a veteran up and the work on Dec. 15 was spot on. Spot. On. Poised. Brown Delivers (6) ran well the last two after being shipped from across the pond. Should be ready to rip one now. Barn is blanked after the first 4 outs, but has to be respected. Has won with .19% of 177 starts this year. Rider has won with .25% of the last 20 for this trainer, too. I bet the 3-6 across the board and then box these tow in the exacts. I will key the 3-6 over/under the 2-11-7-9 in two smaller units.

8th: (13)-8-2-6/12-4-5-10/3-9…I will go with Next Tuesday (13) in the finale today, if the 2YO daughter of Kantharos can “win” a spot in the race. Must move up from the AE List. She ran huge in the last race and will get the first start for the new barn here, if entered. Trainer has won with .31% of those making the first start. If not? I go with Half Tap (8). This one comes from the barn of Wesley Ward, who could have a big day at the races. Rider has had one mount this meet. For this barn. It was a win. Dam of this one has 2 winners from 4 starters and the barn wins with .32% when debuting in the MCL ranks. Like. I bet the 13 or the 8 to win/place/show. I box the top 3 numbers — depending on who gets in. I will key the 13-8 over/underthe 2-6-12-4-5-10 in two smaller units.

Good Luck & All the Best / Gene