Day Results 2 / 1-1-1
2021 Overall 112 112 / 34-41-47
Win % of Top Pick 30.36%
Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 36.31%
2021 Top Pick in the Money Overall — 64-112 57.14%
2021 Top Selection ITM / TP 50-88 56.82%
2021 Top Selections Win / TP 25-88 28.41%
“Key Horses” @ TP 11 / 6-2-0 54.54% Win / 72.73% ITM
“Key Horses” in 2021 17 / 10-2-0 58.82% Win / 70.59% ITM

We are back for another fun-filled week of racing action at the “new and improved” Turfway Park. Can’t wait until this session of the Kentucky General Assembly reconvenes and passes the HHR legislation. (Which is being mandated — some how and some way — by the KY Supreme Court. Its’ members should stick to adjudicating and not creating, but that’s another story for another day.) That way the “new and improved” Turfway Park can resume building its’ magnificent grandstand, clubhouse and HHR facility — all rolled into one huge capital investment and job creation.

Be fun to go back to Northern Kentucky and watch the races for reals.

Be fun to have this past us.

Be fun to stick it up the Kentucky Supreme Court, too. (After all, the lead author of the opinion — the less than Honorable Larry Van Meter — should have never been allowed to sit on the case, due to huge conflicts of interest.)

Be fun to just talk about races again, right?

So, let’s do that for now. Here’s a look at the Thursday card:

1st: 6-5-7/9-4/10-11-2/1-8…Royal Kitten (6) is a 3YO gelding trained by one of the leading conditioners at this track. Barn is winning at a .26% clip in 35 starts here since December, and this one drops from the MSW ranks all the way to the MCL $15,000 level tonight. Barn wins with .22% of those away from the races this long and the same percentage with horses making the 2nd career start. Works are spot on. Rider wins with .25% of the last 28 mounts for the trainer, too. Adds up to legit. Hemp Heaven (5) could spice up this odds box a bit. Was claimed off Wesley Ward last time out for $7,500. Now bounces up a couple of rungs and will get the Lasix for the first time. Son of Dialed In ran well here in the debut and the barn wins with .14% on the first try after a claim purchase. Shot here. Culver (7) gets the Lasix for the first time and a considerable drop in class, too. Picks up one of the leading riders at TP this winter and the barn wins with .20% when dropping this much at once. Threat at this level. I bet the 6-7 across the board and then box the top 3 in the exacta. I will key the top 3 numbers over/under the 9-4 in two smaller units.

2nd: 6-1-9/(13)/4-3-10-7/2-11…The “6” appears to be the popular number for me tonight, and I go with another one here — Vacaville Special (6). This 6YO mare is a California-bred, and ships in all the way from Golden Gate to try the Tapeta footing here. Should like the surface — where she has been 5-4-4 over the AW in Northern California. Should like the drop in class, too. And, should like the rider picked to steer the gears. One of the best in these parts, and he just so happens to have ridden at Golden Gate in the past, too. Adds up for me. Wood Not Mind (1) goes for a clever trainer, who out-performs each and every year. Wins with .22% when shipping in and this one is coming off a win at Hawthorne on Dec. 6. Don’t dismiss lightly. Giro Kate (9) has raced over the AW on five previous occasions. Has a second to show on the resume. But ran better than the 4th that shows last time out. Gets the meet’s top rider up for the first time. Chance. I bet the 6-1 across the board and then box the top 3 in the exacta. I will key the top 3 over/under the 13, if she gets in. If not? I go with the top 3 numbers over/under the 4-3 in two smaller units.

3rd: 5-3-4/7-1/9-8/6-2…Casanova Kitten (5) is another pupil that hails from the barn of Wesley Ward. This one drops from the MSW ranks to the $30,000 level tonight. Barn wins with .28% of those making this class drop for the first time and with .22% of those away from the races this long. Ran a huge 2nd in the career debut at Woodbine in December of 2019. That is the only previous experience over the AW, too. Marsac (3) comes from the talented barn of trainer Ian Wilkes, who is winning at a .15% clip this meet. Gets his son-in-law to ride, and he wins with .24% of the last 17 mounts for the barn. This one ran huge at this level last time out. Tired at the end to finish 2nd. But the sharp work on Jan. 22 could indicate that he is ready. Suspiros (4) will make the first start for a new barn operator tonight. Trainer wins with .20% of the last 83 to make the barn debut. This one drops from the MSW ranks into the MCL group for the first time, too, and the trainer wins with .23% of those candidates. Look for more here tonight. I bet the 5-3 across the board and then box the top 3 numbers in one exacta. I will key the top 3 over/under the 7-1 in two smaller units.

4th: 10-1-(14)/8-3-4-11-12-2/(13)/6-7…She’s Hot Today (10) gets my top number in this affair. This 5YO Broken Vow mare drops to the bargain bin for the first time. And, IMO, has to be heavily considered. Barn does well with the stock given, and the rider is perfect for his assignment. Has a win here in the past, too. Big chance for me. Sunday Scheming (1) is another from the barn of Wesley Ward. Drops from the $15,000 group to the bargain bin. Never been offered up for this low a price tag before. Barn wins with .37% when dropping this much at once. Go-to rider is up. Work here is good. One to beat from the rail. I bet the 10-1 across the board and then box the top 3 numbers if the 14 draws in. If not, I box the 10-1 sternly and proudly. I will also key the 10-1 over/under the 8-3-4-11-12-2 in two smaller units.

5th: 2-4-11/12-10-9-6/(14)-(13)-3-8…Ninja Kitten (2) will drop to the $7,500 level for the 2nd career start and pick up the Lasix for the fist time. Represents one of the top barn operations in the entire world and the works leading up suggest a prime effort is in the works. I go here. Organza (4) could spice up the odds rack a bit. Ran a very nice 2nd here on Jan. 2 against these types. Gets a top TP rider back for the assignment tonight. The dam of this one is Stakes-placed, too. Chance. Sweet Kathern (11) is another one to roll out of the barn of Wesley Ward. This one drops form the MSW ranks all the way to $7,500 here. Blinkers come off tonight, and the barn wins with .20% of those kind. Work here on Jan. 15 was spot on. Spot. On. Can’t dismiss. I bet the 2-11 (take note) across the board and then box the top 3 in the exacta. I will key the 2-11 over/under the 4-12-10-9-6 in two smaller units.

6th: 12/11-10-8/7-6-(14)-(13)/1-2-3/4-5…The first Key Play of the Night comes here with Souper Highvoltage (12). Must break from the far outside and negotiate a good trip, but picks up a nice rider who has done well this meet. Should appreciate the considerable class drop from a well-respected trainer. Work here on Jan. 19 was good enough to set up him perfectly. Should have enough speed to stalk a good spot early, and should appreciate a return to the AW surface, too. Has a win in 3 previous tries. My pick. I bet the 12 to win/place/show and then key the 12 over/under the 11-10-8-7-6-14-13-1-2-3. More with the 11-10-8 than the rest.

7th: 11-2-12/4-(14)-1/6-7-8-10-(13)/3-5…I’ll go back outside for my top selection here, too. Cha Vez (11) comes from the barn of trainer Susan Anderson, who is having a superb meet. She has recorded a mark of 6-5-4 in 26 mounts here since December and this one won the last time out when making the barn debut here on Jan. 9. Impressive gallop that night. Barn wins with .19% of those that won the last race. Tap the Mojo (2) comes from the barn of Mark Casse, who is having a solid meet here, too. HOF trainer has won with .21% of the 38 starters. This one nearly pulled the trick against tougher last time out. Just tired at the end of that one. Gets a top rider back in the irons. Drop may be the key. Murry Spur (12) could have been a higher pick for me, but the rider has gone 0-for-43 here this meet. Zero wins. In 43 attempts. Chilly. This one ran 2nd by a nose last time out, though, and warrants a shot. I bet the 11-2 across the board and then box the top 3 numbers in the exacta. I will key the 11-2 over/under the 12-4-14-1-6-7-8-10 in two smaller units.

8th: 6-5/10-9/12-7/1-4-(14)-(13)/11-8-7…Faded Rose (6) drops all the way from the MSW ranks into the MCL $15,000 grouping tonight, and the 3YO daughter of Munnings looks to be a real threat against these types. Will get the Lasix and the blinkers for the first time from a barn operation that wins with .26% this meet. Wins with .22% of those making the 2nd career start, too. Well bet in the debut run at KEE last July. Been off since, but training well over this track. Likely to be well bet, to be sure. Until Now (5) is a first time starter from the barn of Brad Cox, who is winning with .25% of the 20 starters here this meet. Dam of this one has two winners from two starters. And, the barn wins with .27% in the MCL ranks. Rider has a win in two starts for this barn.I bet the 6-5 across the board and then box the top 3 in the exacta. I will key the 6-5 over/under the 10-9-12-7-1-4-14-13 in two smaller units. More with the 10-9 than the rest.

Good Luck & All the Best / Gene