Editor’s Note:

Now that the haze has finally worn off, and the eyes have cleared from the fireworks of Kentucky Derby Week 147, it is time for our final “views” and “look-backs” at what may have been one of the most beautiful and timely events in the history of the most historic Thoroughbred event in the sport.

We needed to get back. In person.

We needed to get back to May. In reality.

We needed to hear that most famous of Kentucky songs, and sing those lyrics like we have never sung them before — with vigor and verve.

We needed to hold one finger in the air and hold onto one another — again.

And, if we needed to, we could tug a mask over both nose and mouth and respect the health of all those still standing and close our eyes in a moment of personal silence for those of us that did not.

We needed this.

And, we got just what the doctor ordered.

A beautiful, magnificent, thrilling, and glamours Kentucky Derby.

Here’s our very own Holly M. Smith giving us one more look. Or looks.