From Our Family to Yours this Christmas Morn: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Faith, Hope & Love

Editor’s Note:

From all of us here this Christmas morn to all you on this Christmas morn, we wish you faith, hope and love. And, of course, the greatest of these is love.

While we work hard to provide you all with our coverage of the greatest sport ever, and we occasionally disagree on policy, process and opinion of what is better and what is best, my greatest hope is that we all can find peace in our world that we share and love in our people that we call neighbor.

I know that, from time to time, I slip on life’s cruel icy sidewalk. I pick myself up, mad and angry; cursing and crying at the same time. Happens. It happens. I am sorry to those that I have offended unfairly; I am sorry to those that feel that wrath unwarranted. It should not happen.

But I also know, upon reflection, that I am so blessed to run on life’s greatest highway, too. While I take that for granted, occasionally, I pinch myself on the arm just to realize how happy and blessed I truly am. I wake up laughing and praying. Happens. It happens too seldom. But it happens. I am happy to share those days and moments with you all. It doesn’t take much to say “Thanks.” It doesn’t take much to truly show “Love.” I will try much. It should happen more.

On this day, Leigh and I celebrate all of life’s abundant presents that have been left under our tree so ever green:

Son Brad. Daughter Alex. Son-in-law Evan. Daughter-in-law Kate. Three great, great grandsons in Ford, Jack and Mac. Son James William.

We have seen some of them this season of joy, and we have plans to see the rest very soon. To hug. To kiss. To love. To forever love.

Mother Elizabeth. Sister Iraline. Brother-in-law Arthur. Mother-in-law Debra. Father-in-law Johnny. Sister-in-law Jamie. Brother-in-law Mark.

We are blessed to have them all in our hearts and souls, if not in our daily lives as much as we should. To love. To forever love.

Golden retriever Crosley, named after the greatest ball yard in the history of Cincinnati. Golden retriever Haggard, named after one of the greatest country-western singers in the history of our land.

Our special bundles of love, who know no other way to live life than to give, give, give. When they are tired and heavy laden, they give you some more. They give you all. They give you everything. They just give. If we could only love them half as much as they love us. What a wonderful world this would be.

And, of course, there is my Leigh.

When I found she, I found me.

Not enough space or words to describe the incredible act of love that is wound into this beautiful and strong woman — who has faced so much and has always done it with a grace and smile that is so rare, and, yet, so needed in this world. Just know that I won the Lottery. I captured the greatest race of them all. I won her heart. I gave her my soul.

When you add it all up?

Our tree of ever green has never stood stronger. The packages underneath have never been wrapped with brighter ribbons of gold and paper of purple.

Our cup is not half full…

Our cup runneth over…with…

Faith. Hope. Love.

And, the greatest of these is love.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.