Help Springcliff Rebuild:

A GoFundMe account has been created to help restore and rebuild the critically important and valuable Springcliff Farm in Indiana. As you probably know by now, the farm was hit with a horrific barn fire that took the lives of many mares — who were at the farm to be foaled a bit later this Winter.

The destruction to the horses; the individual horse owners; the farm’s owners; and all associated with the Indiana breeding program has been devastating.

If you can consider, please go to the link below and help rebuild and restore hope.

$5,855 raised of $10,000 goal

42 donations

The Story:

On the morning of January 6, 2022, the worst nightmare of any horse owner happened to Christine and Vince Cagle: Their beautiful Thoroughbred foaling farm, Springcliff Farm, was ravaged by fire. Prior to the fire, Springclif was preparing for a busy foaling season, with Thoroughbreds residing on the property.  Unfortunately, many horses did not make it, although Vince was able to save a few before it was too late.
Springcliff Farm is a historic barn, established in 1864 by the Thomas family. Dr. John Thomas, the most recent owner, was a trailblazer in the veterinary field in Indiana. He and his wife, Christine, had a legacy of professional horse care. The Cagles purchased Springcliff in 2017, grateful to get to continue that legacy.
Christine was recently featured in BloodHorse Daily, where she shared her passion for horses, horse racing and the Indiana horse racing industry.
“There’s so much potential for this program,” says Cagle. “There is so much room for growth, thanks to the proximity to Kentucky. I know there’s so much more to learn, and there’s so much more for us to do. This state is on the cusp of getting better with all the right people in all the right places. A state-bred horse doesn’t know where he was born, and there’s so much potential for the little guy to make a big splash—you don’t know what can happen, and I hope that helps regional markets. You can easily have a Kentucky Derby winner and not even know it. You need to put that horse in the right hands, and someone needs to take a chance.
“There is a bond between us smaller breeders, and we rely on one another to keep going, stay in business, and thrive. I have the ultimate respect for all the breeders, and we all know how hard we all work.”
This is a private fundraiser. Christine and Vince are too proud to allow for a public fundraiser, so the Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance will be surprising her once the fundraiser is complete. We know we cannot bring the lost horses back or repair the hole in the hearts of the owners, the Cagles and the people that make Springcliff so great. But, we’re hoping this will help them build back bigger and even better than before.