The past 10 days or so have been a blur of magical moments, and brilliant, fascinating, dream-like memories. Undoubtedly, the country of Iceland is a wonderland of gigantic volcanoes, glaciers, ocean waters and the remnants of what they all have left in their mighty wakes.

The waterfalls are so wonderful they are hard to describe, and so plentiful that the original outdoor showers make for the cleanest drinking waters in the world, to be sure.

The glaciers render deep swimming pools for icebergs to bob, dip, splash and play. Europe’s largest glacier sits atop a volcanic mountain top like God upon his throne. Majestic. Ruling. Dominant. And, yet, giving.

The ocean can be mean, when the winds erupt like the volcanoes. The ocean can be calm, and soothing when permitted to be. The ocean mysteriously comes and goes; gives and takes; and surrounds all like a giant hug or a stampede rush. Yet, it is both overpowering and beautiful — all at the same time.

The Puffin may be the most beautiful fowl that I have ever seen, and can fly like a bomber jet. Fast. Furious. Precise. Perfect. They burrow two holes into the side of a grassy mountain face. One room to live. One to use as a bathroom. That’s a smart bird, right there.

The canyon cuts through the mountains of volcanoes like a hot butter knife through a tender hung of cod — which comes from these waters fresh and good.

There are hundreds of acres of lava rock, now cool to the touch and cool to examine up close. All of which is being covered by a grass moss that resembles wild flowers.

There are rainbows so full of color and water that they dance through the skies like neon signs.

There are the “Northern Lights” that are the most mysterious and mind-boggling things that you could ever imagine, as if they are attached to the space ships of some out-of-space neighbors. They jump. Skip. Dance. And, flash like an amazing array of Christmas lights.

They are amazing. Simply amazing.

There are so many sights that you grow to expect the next one to surpass the last amazing thing that you saw and experienced. There are so many things to see and try to grasp, that it blows your mind. Time. After. Time.


I am ready to come home.

To the land of the absolute FREE.

To the land of the most BRAVE.

To the land of the greatest PEOPLE.

To the land that cherishes personal freedoms and protects them against all invaders and invasion.

To the land that respects people’s rights — inalienable ones.

To the land that wakes, breathes, and cherishes those every single moment of every single day.

To America. The Greatest Country on Earth.

To Home.

Here we come, America. Here we come, Home.