(Big Mike Gandolfo and Louis Rabaut — the hosts of the podcast)

We had a great time on Thursday night, sitting down and chatting with both Louis Rabaut and Mike Gandolfo, and their handsome young sidekick, Seth. The wizards of the hard boots are some of horse racing’s biggest fans and athletic supporters (LOL). And, they pack a lot of fun and wisdom into a weekly podcast show that is built on facts, figures, and the fantasy of someday owning either a G1 winner or a huge Pick 6 ticket.

My partner Mike Schnell set the over/under at 75 minutes going into the interview — which was held just next door to our Louisville Thoroughbred Society, in downtown Louisville.

We managed to squeak in at about 65 minutes.


Loved the guys. They are great for the sport, and are fun chaps to sit and chat.

Loved the show. It was full of interesting topics and questions, and it is always a blast to talk about horses and who you think may win the next big race.

Loved the time spent. Great fun for this old man.

It you wish, take a listen. Here’s the link:

And, if you get the chance, tune in every week to these guys. They are a blast.