On this Friday, Horseshoe Indianapolis will play host to one of the most wonderful programs on one of the most honorable of holidays — Veteran’s Day.

The little track in Shelbyville, IN always does a most wonderful job of celebrating this occasion — when we pause to honor those that have give this country and each of us the most important thing in life.

Those that give us peace.

Those that give us the ability to live each day not worried about danger and harm.

Those that give us security against harm’s way and those that would wish to end both our society and way of life.

Those that give us more than those things, though. They give us their all. Each day. Every day.

On this day, Horseshoe Indianapolis — led by General Manager and great friend Eric Halstrom — will take time to honor employees that have served in the military.

On this day, Horseshoe Indianapolis will take time to introduce members of the military — both past and present — and invite some to the winner’s circle to be honored and recognized.

On this day, Horseshoe Indianapolis and its’ great family of folks — from track staff to jockeys and trainers — will donate funds to assist the great program at Helping Veterans & Families of Indiana (https://www.hvafofindiana.org/).

On this day, Horseshoe Indianapolis will reach out to several public handicappers and ask some of us to place a $250 wager on the Pick 5 for this day’s card. If we hit, the proceeds will be donated to help fund the unbelievable work of this amazing charity — who serve those who have served and given so much to us.

Eric Halstrom takes great pride in this day and this event. In his own way, he is honoring his own Dad, too. His father served in World War II and later in Korea. He gave much. To all of us. Including a great son, who is one of the best racetrack executives in the entire industry.

Let’s pause a moment on this Friday to honor each and all that have worn that uniform of all our military branches, and have helped protect us; our way of life; our soil; our world.

Let’s pause just a moment on this Friday to think of those veterans who have returned home and have struggled to find their way back into society, and fight each day, now, to just find something good to eat and a warm place to lie at night.

Let’s pause just for a moment to honor these warriors, and dig deep into our own memories and pockets to help them recover in a better way.

So, if you can, dig deep and try to find a way to assist HVAF of Indianapolis. They could use your help to help the warriors that our country so needed.

It is a cause worth fighting for, indeed.