(Paddock clock at Keeneland / All Photos by Coady Photography)

Editor’s Note:

There are very few things in this world more beautiful than the art of Thoroughbred racing. The action. The sheer force. The grit and grind. The grunts and groans. The whistles and the shouts. The jockeys asking for more. The horses giving more. The fans always wanting more.

There are very few things in this world more beautiful. Period.

Here’s a look at Saturday’s version at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington — which is one of the game’s most iconic and picturesque venues — through the eyes and lens(es) of the team at Coady Photography.

Led by its’ leader, Kurtis Coady, this team of equine and race horse photographers capture so much of the passion from horse to person. And, it is nothing short of amazing. They make you feel like each photograph has a button on it where you can simply click and hear all the sounds that go along with the grandeur. They give you action that seemingly wants to jump off the screen and out of the paper and right into your living space.

Here’s a sample of the art: thanks to the team at Coady Photography…