Key up the music. Tune in ole’ Bing Crosby, one of the best to ever warble a Christmas Classic. Let the needle hit the vinyl…

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Everywhere We Go…”

I love this time of year. Each year. Every year.

My mom makes the best Christmas candy, as in ever. Her peanut brittle is the best in the land. Not kidding. The best.

My grandsons start to scurry around, with a little bounce in their respective steps, and send me their “list” for Santa, who I do resemble more and more each day.

My dreams have a few sugar plums dancing around.

I find myself looking at the forecast a bit more often, and rooting for a white Christmas.

I still remember — fondly — the year when my Dad, at the ripe old, age of 60, stood at the doorstep watching the snow bake on the ground. Inch after inch. Flake after flake. He worried so until every one of us had arrived on the premises. And, then, like a Christmas child, he jumped on a sleigh — like the rest of us — and went scooting down the hill in front of our home place.

I still feel the love.

I hope, sometimes, I share the love, too. At the very least, I try to greet everyone I meet with a Christmas smile worthy of a dedicated elf.

This week, when I walked into the Louisville Thoroughbred Society, my eyes grew the size of Christmas sugar cookies. My heart danced a little “Frosty” jig. My spirits warmed — just like cider spiked with my favorite rum.

The place that we dreamed about just a few short months ago was now a showplace dream.

Christmas trees were decorated with glitter and gold and standing at attention.

The entrance foyer now included our very own wood-carved horse, with a Christmas sock hat sitting on his head.

The halls were decked. The walls were brightened. Each of our jockeys now held a Christmas wreath. The fire pit was aglow.

It was a winter wonderland in a place that most wondered if it would or could ever come to fruition.

I stood in amazement. Just like I did when I was 5 years old and saw my first train set on Christmas morn. So excited, and yet so afraid to move because I feared waking from this dream.

I stood in amazement of our tremendous people who work so hard each day to make our place their place and your place, too.

I stood in amazement that this “old place” was now just a “new place” and that the building was once again, a show place.

I stood in amazement.

And, I realized, some dreams truly do come true.

Here’s a few of our looks. I hope you take the time to come down and just take a look and a tour. I think you will be glad if you do.

If not, I hope you enjoy this special time of year and I truly do hope that your Christmas dream can come true, too. I hope you now can write your very own Christmas Story — with a very special ending.

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Everywhere You Go.”

The LTS’ New Mercantile Store About Ready to Open:

A new store that will be equipped with merchandize and other items from both the LTS and the famous name of “Pappy” will soon be open in the lobby of the LTS building at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville.

If you are looking for that “special gift” for that “special person,” come and peruse and meander. And, of course, shop.

Here’s a few looks as the room comes to life just like ole’ “Frosty the Snowman:”