John Austin McDaniels, a Nashville recording artist who has become one of the most popular acts in and around the Home of Country Music, has agreed to provide some original music soundtrack for all upcoming Audiocasts and Podcasts to be aired at

Those sweet tunes will come from “Haggard Songs,” which is one of Johnny Mac’s top selling hits and often requested whenever and wherever he performs, whether it be in Memphis, Nashville or little Puckett’s Grocery where he often teams up with some of the industry’s top musicians.

John performs as a solo act on a number of occasions, but also performs with his own band, “Johnny Mac & The Heart Attacks.” While Johnny Mac specializes in Country Music, which he learned at a very early age from his famed father and renown guitarist, Buddy McDaniel, the band branches out to all kinds of genres, including rock & roll.

In fact, Johnny Mac was backstage when The Rolling Stones played in Chicago, and has been influenced by a number of great stars, all the way from the late Waylon Jennings and his band, The Waymore Blues Band, to Van Morrison, the Allman Brothers, and others.

Both Johnny Mac and his band are available to travel to Louisville and/or Central Kentucky for a number of select dates that are not already booked in advance.  For more information regarding how to book either Johnny Mac and/or the band, you can contact this number and leave your message. We will be back in touch:

Call 731-441-9220 and book your special, unique and totally entertaining performance today.

Download “Haggard Songs” on iTunes.