Ever met Louis Rabaut and Mike Gandolfo?

Ever tuned in for their podcast known as the “Horse Racing Happy Hour?”

Do yourself a real favor.

Try to do both.

They are great fun. Their podcast is a whole lot of great fun.

And, they are exactly what the Thoroughbred racing industry needs more of and needs to promote more.

(Gandolfo & Rabaut / Photo From Twitter)

You can find Louis on twitter at @LouisRabaut.

You can find Mike on twitter at @BigMikeGandolfo.

You can find both of them @HorseHappyHour.

And, this week, you can find them both with me as we tour The Louisville Thoroughbred Society and catch up on the world of Thoroughbred racing. There may even be a splash or two of cold, cold, cold malt beverages to whet the whistle and keep our minds focused on the matters at hand.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society — our baby, and our private membership club dedicated to promoting, enhancing and enjoying the world of racing — is in the final stretch. We hope to be open later this Spring / Summer.

Come take a look. Get a tour. And, check out all the amenities that will be offered. First class accommodations to enjoy the greatest game on Earth.

This week, come take a listen to Louis, Mike and me, too.

We have lots to talk about.

Including Dennis’ Moment and his return to racing in Saturday’s G2 Fountain of Youth Stakes.

The “Show” should be up on the air by 6 p.m. Thursday night. You can catch it on Spotify, Apple, Heart and LiveSportscaster.

Let’s go.

Have Some Fun.


The Horse Racing Happy Hour.