Editor’s Note:

There are few things in life more beautiful, majestic, wonderful, entertaining, enlightening and overwhelming than the Opening Days of live Thoroughbred racing action at Keeneland Race Course. The beauty of the horse. The strength of the rider. The choreography of the dance between the two, as they try — as they must — to beat the others in a race of time and distance to the finish line.

Nobody catches the moments, the scenes, the action and the thrills like our very own Holly M. Smith — one of the most talented young people to ever look through the lens of a camera and capture both heart and soul.

Here’s a quick look at what she saw at Keeneland on Friday:

(The sights that are Keeneland / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(The thrill of victory and the Grade 1 emotions of British Idiom and her connections / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(Engage is quite engaging / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(School is in session for the likes of Next Shares, upper left; Rushing Fall, upper right; Uni, lower left; and Dunbar Road, lower right / Photos by Holly M. Smith)

(The jockey awaits, this time it is Mitchell Murrell / Photo by Holly M. Smith)