Editor’s Note:

There are few things in life more beautiful than an early morning in Kentucky.


There is nothing more beautiful than an early morning in Kentucky.

There is the fog that falls over the shoulders of the landscape like a shawl, protecting and warming. A scene that makes the blue-hewed grass glisten with drops of dew and visions of our very own Ireland.

There are the horses, with the steam beaming off their backs as they bounce around the fields and/or racetracks, doing what God intended a hose to do — run with the wind of yesterday at their backs and the promise of tomorrow in front of their eyes.

There are the eyes of youngsters, full of both hope and dreams. Some of which, undoubtedly, will come true.

There are the final, feeble boot prints of the elderly, holding on to yesterday as if it was tomorrow.

There are no words to explain the beauty, and none needed. The sound would only break the scenes of silence that speak for themselves.

Here’s a few looks from the team at Coady Photography. They capture the imagination and the world of Kentucky for you and all to enjoy and give you wonder by you don’t live here, too.

All Photos by Coady Photography: