Dogs — Winter 7 — 21821

Editor’s Note:

For another week, at the very least, Kentucky will be without live Thoroughbred racing. Due to the frigid temps and the daily snowfalls that are starting to mount, Turfway Park has announced that it will not conduct any live racing this week.

Thursday night — gone.

Friday night — cancelled.

Saturday night — no live.

So, we are sitting. And, watching. And, waiting.

Horses are in their respects stalls for the most part.

Sitting. Lying. Watching. Waiting. Too.

We are hoping that warmer temps are on the way early next week and the “Great Thaw of 2021” will begin immediately.

We are hoping that the new Tapeta racetrack will bounce back and be ready for horses to gallop, and race soon.

We are hoping that we can get back to what Kentucky does best:

Conducting live horse racing.

Until then, though, we have to be content with our “other animals” supplying us with some fun and diversions. Can’t bet on them. Well, I guess you could. But you can bet they are having some fun.

Here’s a look at our two Goldens Crosley and Haggard. And, the “Dog Days” of Winter:

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