(Dynamic One in the Spring colors of Churchill Downs / Coady Photography)

Editor’s Note:

It’s about that time. KY Derby Time. Kentucky Time. Our time.

Here’s some looks that may get you in the mood. Never hurts to be reminded of what helps make Kentucky distinctively different and known throughout the world. Never hurts to have a little color to fill our vases and our cups — which are truly more than just half full. Never hurts to see what lies in store, even if we cannot hear the grunts of the horses; the whistles of the riders; and the drums of the hooves. Never hurts to see what we are missing each day, even if we cannot smell the sweet feed being dumped into each bucket of food; the toss of the muck into the pit; the sweat that pops on the withers; the sweat that drips from the brow.

Never hurts to see what we love to see each and every Spring in Kentucky.

The images of the Kentucky Derby coming…

Here’s Monday’s look from the fine folks at Coady Photography:

Kentucky Derby Trophy:

Keepmeinmind works at Keeneland:

Highly Motivated, on the inside, is at Keeneland, too:

Midnight Bourbon has an early morning toddy:

KY Oaks Candidate Adventuring:

KY Oaks Candidate Coach:

KY Oaks Candidate Crazy Beautiful:


KY Derby Hopeful Dynamic One:

KY Derby Favorite Essential Quality:

KY Derby Contender King Fury:

KY Derby Threat Known Agenda:

KY Derby Hope Mandaloun:

O Besos:


KY Oaks Possible Travel Column:

Will’s Secret:

Concert Tour, who is out of consideration for the KY Derby now