(A cold and chilly morn under the Twin Spires / All Photos by Holly M. Smith)

Editor’s Note:

It snowed overnight in Louisville, and left a few inches of cream on the grounds of Churchill Downs this morning. But I have a theory. Complicated. So stay with me.

I blame COVID-19.

Why not, right? Everything has been turned upside down by that damned virus ever since it was unleashed on us over a year ago.

But here’s my reasoning:

Due to COVID, the 2020 Kentucky Derby was moved from its’ regular perch on the calendar — the first Saturday in May — to the Labor Day weekend last year. That was just eight months ago, right? There about.

If you go to our traditional date of having the KY Derby on the first Saturday in May and you move forward in the calendar just eight months, what do you get? January. Right? There about.

The damned calendar thinks we are in January. Starting to make sense? Hmmmm.

That’s why they pay me the “big bucks” here at “The Pressbox.” It’s thinking like this that has gotten me to where I am today. Thank you.

Thus, the real culprit here is COVID-19.

Nevertheless, our very own Holly M. Smith bundled up for this “January” morn and took her camera and warm spirit to Churchill Downs to capture all the wintery photos of horses prancing on the track. Here’s her exclusive looks from today:

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