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“Downs After Dark” Returns This Saturday at Churchill Downs

(Churchill Downs on the opening night of the 2024 Spring / Summer Meet / Photo by Coady Media) ‘DOWNS AFTER DARK’ RETURNS TO CHURCHILL DOWNS ON SATURDAY NIGHT   Theme for Summertime Celebration is ‘Yacht

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Dakich Helps Provide Bikes to Kids Near Horseshoe Indianapolis

(Dan Dakich provides bikes to Shelby County kids / Coady Media) From the Horseshoe Indianapolis Media Team / Tammy Knox: Dakich Cycles for the City provides bikes to Shelby County kids at Horseshoe Indianapolis  

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Churchill Downs’ Barn Notes: Yacht Rock Sparks This Saturday’s “Downs After Dark” Program

(Jockey Luis Saez / Coady Media) From the Churchill Downs Media Team / Darren Rogers & Kevin Kerstein: DOWNS AFTER DARK ‘YACHT ROCK’ HIGHLIGHTS JAM-PACKED WEEK AT CHURCHILL DOWNS   LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Wednesday, June 12,

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McLean’s Selections for Horseshoe Indianapolis on “Stakes Day” — Wednesday, June 12

Days Picks 11 / 1-5-3 2024 Overall -- 562 562 / 165-175-236 Win % of Top Pick 29.36% Payoff % of Top 3 Picks Overall 34.16% 2024 Only / Top Pick in the Money Overall

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