(Lights…Cameras….soon-to-be? Action for KY Derby Week / Photo by Mike Schnell)

The old-styled, and brand new mural — depicting the Twin Spires logo as it may have looked on the face of a bourbon bottle — is now lit and visible at night on the side of downtown Louisville’s newest, best and most innovative private membership club — The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

If you get the chance, come see us and check out our state-of-the art facility — crafted from the historic Hughes Building at 209 East Main Street.

We have pari-mutuel wagering on a host of tracks from around the country.

We have the best Chef in the free world — in Allan Rosenberg. (Seriously, the man’s amazing.)

We have the largest, walk-in humidor in the Tri-State, loaded to the gills with some of the finest blends of tobacco.

We have an indoor-outdoor Cigar Pavilion where our members and guests can enjoy their smokes in style.

We have a historic, beautifully-restored “Bourbon Bar,” stocked with some historic pre-Prohibition blends of bourbon. Rare bottles of Scotch and Irish Whiskey also adorn our shelves and await your inspection.

Our Kentucky ice can be branded with our logo.

Our drinks can be chilled to your perfection and preference.

And, we a large outdoor Terrace where you can enjoy the rites of Spring.

We are waiting for Kentucky Derby week and waiting for you.

It will be a grand time for you to visit.