(Beautiful light fixtures have now been attached to the walls of the LTS’ “Main Room.” They will light the way to Louisville’s newest and best premier private club)

Editor’s Note:

Let there be light.

Let there be water.

Let there be a Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

Over the past week, construction workers have been busy at Louisville’s newest and best private, downtown club.

They have added decorative lighting fixtures to some of the interior walls, and they have finished the plumbing necessary to allow running water in the lavatories.

Light. Water. Action.

Construction workers have also been busy outside.

They have finished the brick work on the “Connector” and the custom-built wooden ceilings are now being added to both the LTS’ “Conservatory” and the LTS’ “Diner.”

The LTS’ “Terrace” is getting a hand-built “Green Wall;” decorative planters, that will soon house both shrubs and flowers; fire pits, that can supply some warmth; and decorative floor tiles.

The “Cigar Pavilion” has now been completely bricked and the louvers that will allow the indoor smoke to escape and meet with the city’s “Smoking Ban Ordinance,” have now been installed.

And, the wood-smiths have been busy, too.

The ceiling tiles for both the “Diner” and the “Conservatory” have been cut and stained. They are now going up.

And, the antique liquor cabinet — which has undergone a complete facelift — has the old doors closing again. The cabinet — which hangs on the wall in the LTS’ “Cigar Bar” — will soon house some of the world’s oldest Bourbons and brands of Scotch. A private collection will be on display, and if you are up to it? You may be able to purchase a shot or two. At a price, mind you.

Soon, the club will be ready for opening. Over the next week, the LTS’ Board of Managers will be meeting and making a final decision on when the gates — er, doors — will swing open officially.

Betting machines — which have already been installed — will be clicking.

State-of-the-art, HD television monitors will be busy with telecasts of Thoroughbred horse races being simulcast from around the world.

Lush seating areas will be equipped with comfy chairs and sofas.

Fancy tables and chairs will be moved into position for your comfort and dining pleasure.

Come see us.

Come join with us.

It is going to be an experience.

An experience that you will not want to miss out on.

An experience that you will definitely want to be involved in.

Here’s some more looks:

(The LTS’ “Diner” is really coming together quickly now. The hand-made wooden ceiling planks are being added and the dry-wall has now been completed. Soon, the dry-wall mud will be added and sanded down and paint will be splashed all around. About done.)

(The “Green Wall” just outside the LTS’ “Diner” is being completed to “dress up” the LTS’ “Terrace”)

(The brickwork on the LTS’ “Conservatory” and the “Connector” has now been completed. Windows and doors are in and operational. Just the finishing touches outside)

(The LTS’ “Conservatory” is getting a new, hand-made, wooden ceiling. The individual planks are being cut and stained. Then they are attached to the ceiling. The room is already dry-walled, and the doors and windows installed. Soon, the room will be ready for the finishing touches of TVs, betting machines, furnishings.)

(The private liquor cabinets have been added to the LTS’ “Cigar Bar.” Soon, the antique closet will be home for some private labels and a private Bourbon Collection. The rustic bottles — still full of fluid — will be ready for inspection and “sampling” if you are willing to pay the tab.)

(The LTS’ “Main Room” is being equipped with rustic lighting fixtures and the finishing touches of both plush and style.)

(The hallways to both the LTS’ “Library” and the “Diner” are now fully lit, and ready for your foot traffic.)

(A look at the iconic “Twin Spires” mural on the front of the Hughes Lofts building and home to the LTS.)

(The brick work on the rear of the Hughes Lofts and the home of the LTS is nearly complete. Cornish work has now begun on the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion.” Soon, our members and their guests will be able to enjoy the finest leafs in all the world in class and style.)