(The news counter top has arrived and been added to the island in the LTS’ “Humidor.” The cigars should arrive soon.)

Editor’s Note:

Well, the question is this:

Has any new enterprise or business entity ever been through more obstacles than the Louisville Thoroughbred Society?

Like in, ever?

Really? Seriously? Truthfully?

Never mind that we took on a 120-year-old building with many challenges; crooks; nannies; and corners that could not be cut.

Never mind that we added a new parking garage next door — that would house two floors for new cars, but also provide our deck for the region’s largest outdoor Terrace and entertainment zone and the floor for our “Diner,” and “Cigar Pavilion.”

Never mind that we had to install completely new infrastructure throughout the complex — from heating and air, all the way to bathroom facilities and kitchen equipment.

Never mind that we installed the region’s newest, largest, hand-built humidor.

Never mind all the stuff that we knew would be stuff.

But add in the world’s largest pandemic in over 100 years. Made us sick, too.

Add in the issues that our city and nation have faced with social injustice and social questions. Made us strife, too. Made us strive to do better, too.

Add in a darn fire. A fire in the freight elevator shaft that caused both smoke and water damage that had to be fixed and corrected. Made our tempers rise, too.

But now?

Now, we are closing in.


This past week, construction crews nearly completed the enclosing of the premium “Cigar Pavilion.” Doors and windows have been added.

This week, the hand-made wood ceiling has been started on the LTS’ “Conservatory.” Soon, the additional room and space that will connect the main building to the “Terrace” will be completed. The dry wall will be finished out; the televisions and betting machines are scheduled and soon to follow.

This week, a 75-inch and 95-inch HD television monitors were added to the LTS’ “Main Room.” One now sits on the main wall and the other is mounted to the wall behind the “Main Bar.”

This week, a hand-built granite counter-top arrived and was added to the island in the LTS’ stylish “Humidor.” It tops off the counter in complete style.

This week, the final touches of brick work are being added to the building. This week, the planters will soon be filled to the brim with dirt. This week, the final concrete tiles are being added to the “Terrace” floor.

Without a doubt, this project has been, well, a project.

But we are making progress.

We are making strides.

We are making plans.

We hope you are, too.

Soon, it will be our time.

Time to enjoy our lives, once again.

Time to enjoy Thoroughbred racing again.

Time to enjoy both — together.

Time for you. Time for us. Time for all.

Take a look and come see us. We hope to show you a good time.