(New steel gets bolted into a steady position on the new addition for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society / Photo by Gene McLean)

(New tile is getting grouted in front of the main bar at the Louisville Thoroughbred Society / Photo by Gene McLean)

Editor’s Note:

It was a spectacular day in Louisville on Monday, Feb. 3. Temps rose into the early 70s. Sunshine splashed all over, making things glisten with radiant rings of light. Men in construction hats wore tee-shirts. Short-sleeved tee-shirts. With no coats over the top.

It was a spectacular day at the Louisville Thoroughbred Society, too. Cranes rolled into town. Steel rose from the ground and got bolted into place. Sewer lines were dug in. Electric room cables were pulled. Tile work was being grouted and finished. Painters doused all the conduit work in brilliant black. With a couple of coats over the top. (Made up for the thermal kind mentioned above.)

It was a spectacular day of progress on downtown Louisville’s newest addition to the social scene. Just a block from famed Whiskey Row, the LTS promises to be the ideal place to go for first class food, drink and entertainment.

Come take a sneak peak inside. (And, of course, outside today.)

We are making up ground.

(Steel driving men, #1 in the Land, work on the new addition that will sit atop of the adjacent parking garage; in-between the two new staircases; and give additional indoor space on each floor of the building / Photo by Gene McLean)

(New tile goes down in front of the LTS’ Main Bar area / Photos by Gene McLean)

(A light fixture gets completed; the wood work in the “Cigar Bar” has been stained / Photos by Gene McLean)

(All the conduit and other electrical lines are getting a new, splashy dose of black paint. It pops. Photos by Gene McLean)

(Both the men’s and the women’s bathrooms get some new tile work for the splashboard / Photos by Gene McLean)

(A grease trap is installed in the basement of the LTS building, and a new electrical/mechanical room is getting prepped in the lower unit, as well. / Photos by Gene McLean)

(ATT trucks and crew members are on the job site, getting the building ready for the install of fiber optics and other telephone, internet capabilities. / Photos by Gene McLean