(Belly up to the historic LTS’ Cigar Bar. All it is missing are the vintage bottles and you.)

Editor’s Note:

Do me a favor, please.

Better yet?

Do yourself a favor, too.

Just scroll down through the photos attached.

Just take a look in on the Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

Just take a gander at the furnishings, accommodations, and the various accessories.


And, let us know what you think.

Let us know how you think.

And, let us know how soon you can join us.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society has been a long time in the making, to be sure. But, then again, how many start-ups have to overcome the normal grunts and groans and then you toss in a world-wide pandemic known as COVID-19; a series of months that were turned upside down and inside out by social unrest; and, to top it all off, a roof-tip elevator fire?

We have overcome.

We have survived.

And, now we are ready to thrive.

In just a few more days, the LTS will open its’ doors to Members and their Guests when we host the two days of the Breeders’ Cup World Championship simulcasts.

A little later in the month, we plan on entertaining our Members and their respective guests to one of the world’s greatest Thanksgiving celebrations. As in? Ever. We have much to give thanks for and to.

And, a little later than that, we hope to have a series of “Meets and Greets,” where we swing the doors open and entertain our Members and their guests to some “Show and Tells.”

Our official “Grand Opening” will not be until March. We hope to celebrate St. Patricks Day in complete style.

But until then, give us a call.

Come see us in person.

And, take a real tour.

The photos are amazing. Just scroll on down.

But the real thing?

That is truly amazing.

Really is.

LTS’ Library Look-In:

LTS’ Diner Look-In:

LTS’ Main Foyer / Greeting Area Look-In:

LTS’ Main Bar / Main Room Look-In:

LTS’ Conservatory Look-In:

LTS’ Humidor & Cigar Bar Look-In:

LTS’ Cigar Pavilion & Terrace Look-In:

LTS’ General Terrace, Planters, Pavers Look-At:


LTS’ Main Street Entrance Look-At: