The Louisville Thoroughbred Society — a new, private membership club, dedicated to providing first class amenities and services to those persons interested in, invested in and fans of Thoroughbred racing and breeding — will host its’ first official function this coming Wednesday.

On Oct. 17, the club will open its doors for a quick glimpse inside the historic Hughes Building — located at 209 East Main Street — for a “Ground Breaking” event and social gathering. Anyone interested in either investing in, or becoming a member of the prestigious club are invited to join us for a first-hand look and tour of the facility. All you have to do is RSVP us at [email protected] to get a special invite to this private function.

While construction of a new parking garage next door has just begun, and renovations and restorations of the Hughes Building are still in the final planning and design stages, this festive event has been designed to give all interested persons a first “glimpse” at what soon will be, and what is sure to become one of downtown Louisville’s newest and best attractions.

The club will have access to the rooftop of the new garage, which will provide members with a “one-of-a-kind” open air bar and recreational area. The open space will also provide access to Louisville’s first premium “Cigar Bar.”

In addition, the indoor space will have state-of-the-art audio/video equipment that will enable members to watch and enjoy Thoroughbred races from around the globe in “High Definition” style.

Private dinning and meeting areas will be available for all members to host special family and business functions, and the new club will showcase one of the largest and best bars in the entire metroplex.

For more information, drop us a note. And, if you are interested, come join us for a night of fun, and entertainment on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

(The Highest Lofts project — home of the newly proposed Louisville Thoroughbred Society — will host a “Ground Breaking” event on Wednesday, Oct. 17. Door ways were fully opened up on Saturday / Photo by Mike Schnell)