Editor’s Note:

It is less than a month, now. Fewer than 30 calendar days away. The long-anticipated, much-awaited Grand Opening of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society is coming. Soon. Very soon.


Very quickly.

The final touches are being touched-up. The added plush is being polished. The staff is being assembled. State-of-the-art technology being tweaked. The grand “Cigar Pavilion” is nearing completion. The luxurious facility — crafted in a historic building that dates back to 1900 — is about ready for you.

Full bore. Full throttle. Full time.

The LTS is anticipating opening the doors in time for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Obviously, we will have to limit our numbers to be in compliance with all COVID-19 restrictions. Obviously, we will be asking and orchestrating appropriate “social distancing” requirements. Obviously, we will be asking all members and guests to honor our “mask-on” policies.


Obviously, we are just about ready. For you to come. For fun to start. For it all to begin.

If you have not had a chance to visit the facility, contact our team and make a reservation to attend one of our Thursday Night “greet and meets” and “Open Houses.” It is a special occasion where you can visit the facility; talk to our team members; and get a sense of what will be happening when we cranked the place up in March.

You can take a tour. Walk throughout the gloriously remodeled site. See the region’s largest walk-in humidor and check out our large array of private Cigar Lockers. You can tour the Cigar Pavilion, which will allow members and guests to enjoy their finest blends of tobacco in comfort and style. And, you can check out our vast assortment of HD Tvs; betting machines; and entertainment areas.

The accommodations will make the LTS the finest, private club in the area. The staff will help ensure you of a first-class experience.

We are about ready for you.

Are you about ready to have some first class fun?

(A new large screen TV has been mounted and moved into position in the LTS’ Diner, and the curtains and blinds have been erected, as well.)

(A historic and portable bar has been moved into position in the LTS’ Library.)

(The historic desk and new lighting fixtures have been added in the LTS’ entrance foyer.)

(Restroom facilities have received their final touches.)

(A new sitting area has been added to the LTS’ Conservatory.)

(The LTS’ Main Bar has some traditional and historic words painted for your reminder about our “Old Kentucky Home.”)

(A new doorway now leads to the LTS’ Humidor and Cigar Bar.)

(The historic and fully restored Cigar Bar and the state-of-the art LTS’ Humidor await on the other side.)

(Framed paintings of Kentucky jockeys adorn the walls that lead to the LTS’ Cigar Pavilion.)

(And, how about the LTS’ Cigar Pavilion. It’s amazing. Only the bathrooms remain to be finished out and the finest of furniture and fixings are to be added.)

(The LTS’ Jockey is a bit chilled, but awaiting your arrival onto the Terrace.)

(New carpet squares have been added from the Washington Street entrance.)

(The Cigars are arriving. The bar is being readied. State-of-the-art equipment installed.)