(Couch and pillows have arrived. Seating will be a pleasure.)

Editor’s Note:

Are you ready for some horse racing?

We are.

Just about.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society — some 41/2 years in the making now and once only a dream of some wayward dreamers — is just about ready for our “Breeders’ Cup Bash(es).”

Our construction now is nearly 100% done. Only the rooftop “Terrace” is getting the final touches of concrete, pavers and planter shrubs. Only the “Cigar Pavilion” is getting the final brush from woodworkers and painters.

Our historic wooden floors have gotten the final stain and varnish. They are ready for traffic once again.

Our behemoth beams — cut from trees that stood an approximate 130 years before this building was erected in 1900 — are both sturdy and beautiful once more. The coal dust is gone. The old paint removed. Only the original wood now remains — like giants in the forest.

Our cleaning crew is the midst of a deep dive to eradicate the dust and replace with shine.

Our furniture — some antiques and some new — is now being lifted into its’ final resting places. High back chairs, made of the finest leather, are going here. Deep, plush couches are going there. Tables — of all shapes and sizes — now dot the landscape here and there. Bar chairs are being bellied up.

Pictures are being hung from the wall with care.

Art, always in the eye of the beholder, is ready to be “Collected” at this Breeders’ Cup party, too. (After all, Art Collector’s owner — Bruce Lunsford — is one of our original investors.)

About the only thing that remains?


To join.

To be a member.

To bring a guest.

And, enjoy.

Take a look below.

We think the “looks” are worth experiencing for real.

Our Antique Roulette Wheel Is a “Roulette Table” with Horses (Is There Anything Else?)

(A look at our antique “Roulette Table” that will soon be a fixture in the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion.” This piece of history is still based on the marble finding a final resting spot, but each number is associated with a horse. Number 7 is a dark bay. Number 8 is a chestnut. You should check out this piece of history. Fits us perfectly.)

Couches, Chairs, Tables, Accessories Arrive on the Premises…Colors Galore:

(Couches and chairs — which will be situated in both the LTS’ “Main Room” and the “Conservatory,” have now arrived. They are being staged for your arrival.)

(Only the best will do for the best members and your guests. Leather chairs. Deep, plush couches. And, other accessories will create separate sitting areas throughout the facility.)

Main Bar “High Tops” Getting Assembled:

(The “high top” tables that will go in the LTS’ “Main Bar” area are being assembled.)

Belly Up…To These Bars in Style:


(The chairs for the prestigious “Cigar Bar” are now being pushed into place.)

(Rest easy in these high-back chairs at the LTS’ “Main Bar.”)

“Conservatory Lights, Cameras, Action:”

(The light fixtures in the LTS’ “Conservatory” are now fully operational, and the furniture is being loaded in.)

Be Sure to “Book” the LTS’ “Library” for a Special Occasion and the “Diner” for Special Food Exploration:

(The look from the LTS’ “Library” into the “Diner” is simply breathtaking and amazing. All that the diner needs now are the tables to be assembled and set into position with the chairs that now await.)

(LTS’ “Diner” and a look in the LTS’ “Library.” My quiet place.)

The LTS’ Main Foyer:

(The LTS’ “Main Entrance Foyer” is now styling. The glisten is the golden wall paper now facing the entry elevator and doorway. Our specialized “logo” will soon join a TV Monitor on the wall. It will say “Welcome” in style.)

Rest Easy:

(Ready for your comfort.)

LTS’ “Diner Terrace” Gets Final “Concrete Pour” This Week:

(The “Terrace” for the LTS’ “Diner” is now ready for a final pour of colored concrete, which is expected to arrive this week.)

Terrace Planters Get Caps and Dirt…Shrubs Delivered:

(The planters that surround the LTS’ Terrace have now been filled with dirt and the tops are being “capped.” Shrubs have arrived and are being planted, as we type.)

Pave the Way for the “Pavers:”

(The “LTS Pavers” are now being placed into position and married up to the “Conservatory” doorways. A perfect spot to watch “Thunder” and horse racing. “Dedication Pavers” are now being sold and placed, as well. Honor a loved one with a special engraving, if you want to be part of history, forever.)

Cleaning Up Before We Get to “Clean Up” on the Races:

(Staff and crew are in the final phase of our “Deep Clean.” Everything gets a spit shine. From dust to dust.)