(Workers are applying the stain to the new, hand-made wooden ceilings in the LTS’ “Diner.”)

Editor’s Note:

The historic part has been restored.

The new part has now been added.

The new Louisville Thoroughbred Society is now getting final touches.

The old Louisville Thoroughbred Society is now getting last polishes.

Most importantly?

The improved Louisville Thoroughbred Society is getting done.

Well done.

And, done well.


Despite the setbacks due to a world-wide pandemic that have caused many construction and delivery delays…

Despite the setbacks due to social issues in the downtown area that have caused both concern and work stoppages…

Despite the setbacks due to a random fire near the roof that have caused some minor water damage and other cleanup issues…

Despite 2020 being, well, just 2020…

Despite all that — and a little more…

We are getting done.

Well done.

And, done well.

The private membership club — which is dedicated to providing a first-class experience and state-of-the-art amenities — is about done.

Over the next month, the LTS “Board of Managers” will be meeting regularly to determine when the club will finally swing its’ gates — er, doors — open for members and their guests to visit and enjoy the luxury facility and be able to watch and wager on Thoroughbred races from around the world.

Over the next month, the LTS’ “Investors” will be meeting to discuss how best to introduce the world’s best “turf club” to new member prospects and possible corporate sponsors.

Over the next few weeks, the LTS will be making major decisions and announcements on how we will negotiate through the continuing COVID-19 restrictions and other limitations to ensure that we are able to deliver to our customer base and our members the type of facility and the type of first-class service that is unmatched, unfettered, and unquestionable.

Give us a call. Set up a conversation.

Give us a look. Set up a tour.

Give us a visit. Set up your account.

We think that you will be amazed at what we have to offer.

Just like the first time you saw a Thoroughbred race above the ground — all four legs hovering in the air.

Just like the first time you went to Churchill Downs and heard that song — all the lyrics hovering in the air.

Just like you were hoping and waiting for…

Here’s just a glimpse of what’s going on:

(The LTS’ “Diner” is nearly completed now. The carpet install will begin on Oct. 5. The last phase of the new facility.)

(The LTS’ “Green Wall” is now completed, and the caps to the hand-built, roof-top planters are being installed. Soon, dirt will be added to the planters and will be readied for the shrubs and other vegetation.)

(The overhang to the LTS’ “Diner” is now completed. The decorative woodwork adds a home-like finish.)

(The hand-made, custom-built wooden ceiling is now been installed in the LTS’ “Conservatory.” The drywall has been hung from the walls with care. Carpet work is to begin on this room the week of Oct. 5, as well. The final phase of construction before TVS, betting terminals and final furnishings are added.)

(The wooden ceiling for the LTS’ “Conservatory” is now stacked and ready to be installed. Each slate is stained and ready for application.)

(The hallways to and from the LTS’ “Diner” are now completed. Drywall has been finished out. Stain is being added to the ceiling. Nearly done.)

(The LTS’ “Main Room” is done. Ready for the final deep clean.)

(Water is flowing from the faucets in the restrooms.)

(The brick work on the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion” has done been completed. All the brick is getting a final clean and the masons are nearly done with all their work on the Hughes Lofts building, adjacent parking garage and all of the facility. Guess how many bricks were added to the structure? May get a prize.)