(A new jockey, decked out in the Louisville Thoroughbred Society silks, now rides high at the new club’s Terrace / Photos by Gene McLean)

Editor’s Note:

It has taken longer than anyone expected, or wanted.

It has taken a pound — or two — of flesh and more sleepless nights.

It has taken more thinking, planning, plotting, patience and perseverance than anyone could have ever imagined, thought, planned, plotted, or envisioned.

But guess what?

It is going to happen.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is on the cusp.

The cusp of:

Full time operations.

Full bore activities.

Fully engaged events.

Full reality.

While the LTS has been hosting many “Special Events” ever since last year’s Breeders’ Cup, and we are continuing to open our doors every Thursday night to special “Member & Guests” events to showcase the amazing facility and Louisville’s newest and finest private membership club, the club is now about done.


And, better yet?

It is about ready for you.


It is our plan to have the LTS fully operational for all membership events by St. Patrick’s Day in March, 2021.

In addition, the LTS will be embarking on its’ first preps for the Kentucky Derby and the many events that are sure to come back for the greatest sporting event in the free world.

Before that, check our calendar. We are starting to fill it up with more and more dates and times for our Members and Guests to come and visit.

More “Ladies’ Night” events are being scheduled.

A “Fashion Show” is in the works.

Several business luncheons are being scheduled.

Private functions are being conducted.

And, every Thursday Night? We are cranking up the good times.

If you have not had a chance to come check out of new digs?

Then, make a reservation. Give our expert staff — led by the incomparable Erica Outlaw — a call. Set up a meeting.

You will see a historic reclamation project that is simply amazing.

You will see sparkling new accommodations that dazzle and sparkle.

You will see over three dozen state-of-the-art, high definition television and sound monitors that can and do deliver horse racing like you have never seen it before.

You will see 12 self-service betting machines that are tied into the Churchill Downs’ parimutuel betting system, allowing our Members and Guests to watch and wager live on horse races from around the world.

You will find a beautiful “Library,” for comfort and quiet.

You will find a beautifully adorned dining area, where you can sit and eat some of the area’s finest cuisine.

You will find the area’s largest walk-in humidor, full of the most premium Cigars in all of the land.

You will find one of the region’s largest outdoor dining and recreational areas, where you can enjoy time with friends and family with a splash of sunshine and Ohio River breeze.

You will find the largest indoor/outdoor Cigar Pavilions, decorated to the hilt with plush accommodations, where you can enjoy a leisure, kick-back opportunity to smoke a fine Cigar.

You will find a restored historic bar, where bourbons that can’t be found anywhere else can be found. Again.

You will find your friends.

You will find your place.

You will find entertainment, enjoyment, and enthusiasm unmatched.

You will find a way to enjoy Thoroughbred racing like you have never enjoyed it before. Ever.

You will NOT be disappointed.

Take a look.

All of this is waiting for you.

(The LTS’ is now leasing jockeys at the club’s new facility in downtown Louisville. Members can have their silks painted, and have a sign attached. About 20 jockeys will be available.)

(A new marble counter has been mounted to the wall of the LTS’ Conservatory. Members and guests can saddle up and watch the races in a prime location, next to the betting machines and state-of-the-art TV monitors)

(An antique chess table has now been moved into the LTS’ Library. If members and guests wish to engage in a friendly game before, during or after the races, then be our “guest.”)

(The prestigious LTS’ Cigar Pavilion — which will provide our members and guests a prime indoor location to enjoy smoking their favorite premium Cigar — is nearly complete. The final phase of the massive construction projection is about 10 days from completion. Once done and inspected, it will provide the area’s most luxurious smoking accommodations. Wait until you see this place fully decked out with furnishings.)

(Bathrooms in the LTS’ Cigar Pavilion are getting plumbed and ready to go.)

(Historic “Adirondack” chairs now reside on the LTS’ Terrace. These comfortable chairs come equipped with cushions and a slit for your favorite wine goblet. The slats come from a wine barrel that once took up residency in Napa Valley.)