(New tile — that spells out the official name of the “Hughes” building — is being installed in the main foyer that will be entered from Main Street)

Editor’s Note:

“Step right up, come on in…

“If you’d like to take the grand tour…”

Lyrics to the “Grand Tour,” sung by Country Music Hall of Famer George Jones

Step right up, alright.

Step right in, for sure.

Let our grand visual tour begin.

And, if you want, please give our very own Director of Marketing, Hayley Amoss, a call and schedule a real, in-person visit to see, touch, smell and see what soon will be one of Louisville’s greatest, newest, and best(set) attractions — The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

On Wednesday, we went downtown to catch a few of the new images and measure the final phase of construction and remodel on the historic building that will house the LTS and provide a home to an exquisite, state-of-the-art, and plush private club for those that are interested in, invested in, participate in, and love the Thoroughbred industry.

Progress is being made on every sector of the project.

The LTS’ “Library” is nearly complete and ready for its’ first visitors.

The LTS’ “Main Room” is getting the final doses of paint and the newest additions to our family of HD television monitors. The latest is a “smart” 75-inch TV that will greet members, guests and visitors soon upon arrival. Soon, a four-plex TV sectional will be added and installed behind the LTS’ “Main Bar.”

The LTS’ “Humidor” is now fully humidity controlled, and the Spanish Cedar shelving can be accessed with a “library room” ladder. The center “island” is only awaiting its’ granite top and side before the point-of-sale system is installed. Soon, some of the finest leafs will be on sale for your enjoyment.

The LTS’ private “Cigar Lockers” are now fully installed. The individualized brass name tags will soon be added. Ready for your private stock.

The LTS’ “Diner” now has the sliding doors installed and the prestigious wood trimmed added to the outside entrance. Drywall has been completed and ready for finishing touches. The hand-built, wooden ceiling is ready to be installed and the flooring finished. Soon. Very soon. It will be completed.

The LTS’ “Conservatory” is starting to get the window and door trims and will soon be completely enclosed. As soon as that occurs, the final touches will begin.

The LTS’ “Smoking Pavilion” is now being completely bricked on the outside and the bathrooms are now framed up and will soon be ready for the drywall finishings. It will be the last of the construction projects to be pinned and finished.

The LTS’ outdoor “Terrace” has planters blocked up and the drain system being added. The fire pits are being installed. It is being decked.

And, guess what?

The front of the Hughes Lofts building got a fresh coat of red-brick paint on Wednesday. Soon, a specially-designed, historic-looking, and prestigious “mural” will be painted to the outside surface.

Wait to the unveiling of this graphic art piece.

Just wait.

What an introduction to Louisville’s main downtown business, cultural and entertainment areas this will be. Wait. For. It.

We are coming.


(The paint crews are applying new coatings of “red brick paint” onto the side of the Hughes Lofts building. It will soon be the sight of a new, hand-painted, historic-looking mural. Stay tuned for that “masterpiece.” It is beautiful.)

(New brackets have been added and will soon house a state-of-the-art, four-plex TV monitor system behind the LTS’ “Main Bar.”)

(A new, expansive, 75-inch TV monitor has been added to the wall of the LTS’ “Main Room.)

(The LTS’ “Main Room” is nearing completion. Soon the plastic on the breeze-ways will come down and give way to the LTS’ “Conservatory.”

(Workers are on the outside of the building, finishing up the “tuck-point” brick work — just outside the LTS’ “Library.”)

(The hand-made wooden trim has been installed on the outside of the LTS’ “Diner,” and the room is now ready for the hand-made wooden ceiling to be added. The only things left is the drywall finish and the new flooring.)

(The door frames and brick work continue on the LTS’ “Conservatory” and the “Connector” between the new stair towers at the North End — Washington Street — and the South End — Main Street — of the building.)

(Trim work continues in the LTS’ “Cigar Bar,” and around the private “Cigar Lockers.” Almost done.)

(Brick work continues on the “Connector.”

(Brick work continues on the outside of the LTS’ “Smoking Pavilion.”)

(One of the fire pits near the LTS’ “Smoking Pavilion” and on the LTS’ “Terrace” has been blocked in and soon will be finished out.)

(The bathrooms have been framed up and soon will be drywalled inside the LTS’ “Smoking Pavilion.)

(Two more planters have been filled in with draining and are now being prepped for finish work, and the LTS’ “Terrace” is getting decorative tiles added to the top.)

(The LTS’ “Parking Garage” is getting finished out with new brick work, and soon will be completed. The new fire escape is about ready for use to the LTS’ “Terrace.”)

(The finishing touches are starting to be added inside the facility. Soon.)