On Wednesday night, the Louisville Thoroughbred Society will open its’ doors for the first time. Downtown Louisville’s newest attraction — a private membership club that will be dedicated to providing upscale service and amenities to those persons interested in, invested in, and fans of the Thoroughbred industry — will have its’ grand “Ground Breaking Open House.”

Valet parking will be available to each person and car that rolls up to the historic Hughes Lofts in downtown Louisville at 209 East Main Street.

Each visitor will be greeted by Churchill Downs’ own special bugler and his “Call to the Post” upon arrival.

Red carpet will guide each guest to the entrance and all the way to the second floor of the historic site, which will be the home of “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.”

Each interested party will be greeted and served with food and drink.

Nashville recording artist John Austin McDaniels will be on hand to play some of his original music, which has made him one of the South’s most popular solo acts.

And, everyone will be given a personal tour of what is projected to come:

(Artist rendering, based on real photo, of proposed “Cigar Bar” area)

Louisville’s first and finest premium “Cigar Bar,” equipped with the region’s largest and most sophisticated humidors.

One of the Louisville’s largest bars, equipped with one of the finest and most select assortments of premium bourbons.

Premium dining and meeting space areas.

And, a look of what will become a roof-top bar and garden area, where customers will be able to enjoy the races and the local scene in a beautiful open-area venue.

The construction has already begun on a parking garage, which will service nearby apartment dwellers and other local business interests. And, renovation on the historic Hughes Lofts is scheduled to begin in earnest in the months ahead.

The entire construction and renovation project is scheduled to take about 10-12 months, and “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society” is expected to be open for full business in 2019.

In today’s edition of “The Thoroughbred Daily News” writer T.D. Thornton does a feature on the newly proposed facility, and Wednesday’s “Open House.” To get more details, read his piece at:


If you want to come take a glimpse, drop us a note and we will get you pre-registered for this fun and exciting night. Simply email us at [email protected] and we will take care of the rest.

See you on Wednesday night.