Construction crews were hard at work on Tuesday, Oct. 2, as over 100 support pylons are being drilled and set into the dirt at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville and the future home of the “Louisville Thoroughbred Society.”

Once the crews have completed that work, then the concrete for the newly designed parking structure will begin to flow, and the new building will begin to take shape. In addition to providing much-needed parking for the area and the adjacent buildings, the roof top of the building will provide a state-of-the-art green roof and outdoor living space for the new club.

The outdoor space is scheduled to include several fire pits, green space and social areas. It will also serve as the new home of Louisville’s first and foremost premium “Cigar Bar” serving area. The indoor portion of the building that faces Washington Street will house an expert humidor, bar area, and other amenities. That space will have direct access to a breezeway that will connect to the outdoor “enjoyment zone.”

In addition to the construction outside, crews are beginning to meet with Audio/Video vendors; indoor design teams; bar and equipment providers; and other experts in many different fields of study to properly layout, and fit the massive floor space into a premium entertainment location.

We will be posting updates from all those meetings on the site soon, and regularly as we build toward a 2019 Grand Opening.

In addition…

The “Ground Breaking Ceremony” for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society has been set for Wednesday, Oct. 17. For more details, see below. If you are interested in membership and/or investor opportunities, please RSVP and we will make the proper arrangements for your attendance.


Interested in joining or being a part of the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society, a private membership club that is currently under construction in downtown? Interested in getting a sneak preview of what will become the new home and premises? Interested in the latest addition to the Renaissance going on along Main Street and the newest addition to the Louisville Thoroughbred community?

Then give us a shout. Let us know what you would like to attend our “Ground Breaking Preview Party” on Wednesday, Oct. 17. The festivities will be held at our new location at 209 East Main Street — just a building west of the Ice House.

You will have to pardon our dust, and some heavy construction equipment — which has been located next door to start building a new parking garage structure — but you will be the firsts to get a view of what we hope to have fully completed in about 10 months.

We are turning the historic structure into a state-of-the-art, private club for those people interested in, invested in, and love the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industries. We will have upscale amenities inside the building, with HD audio and video equipment. We will have one of the largest bars in the entire Commonwealth. We will have a rooftop area where our members and their respective guests can enjoy a nice outdoor experience. And, we will have one of the world’s premier “Cigar Bars.”

Drop us an email and let us know that you wish to attend. We will pre-register you, and let you know more as we get closer to the date. It will be a fun night.