Brim and Bridle

Editor’s Note:

Are you like most of the free world right now, and biting at the chance to go back to our former lives as they used to be? Are you anxious to get back to normal? Are you hoping that the Spring will bring us all yellow tulips, red roses and a poof of fresh, warm air blown in from the Caribbean or somewhere tropical?

Can you wait to have another Kentucky Derby?

A real Kentucky Derby?

Not one made up in September, but back to the “First Saturday in May?” Back to the “Run for the Roses?” Back to the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports?”

Do you yearn for the days when we could and would get really dressed up? Put on our Sunday, er, “First Saturday in May” best? Click our heels and magically appear on the red brick road to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, as it was meant to be?

Well, let’s get ready to rumble.

To help get us all in the “Spring Spirit” and the “Kentucky Derby Fever Pitch,” the Louisville Thoroughbred Society will be hosting our first “Fashion Show” on Saturday, March 13. We are calling in, drum roll please:

“Brim and Bridle.”

Take a look at the promotional materials hyping the event.

Take a glimpse at the newest in wardrobes and styles.

Take a gander at some of the newest trends and fashions.

Tip your hat to our “hat ladies.”

Watch our stylish models put on the show and show down our own “made-for-you” runway.

Enjoy a festive lunch.

Take a tour of our vendor’s tables, goods, services and wares.

We think there will be something for all — including the gents looking to add a little pizzaz to their ensemble, as well.

Give our team a call. Get your reservations in. Numbers will be limited.

And, you aren’t going to want to miss either another Kentucky Derby in May or this show that will put you and your style in the complete mood.