(The LTS’ Humidor is now stocked with some fine leaf)

(Member John Pritchett places a small wager at the LTS)

(Ronda Schell and Justine Hendricks enjoy a festive day at the LTS’ Diner)

Editor’s Note:

It took us awhile to make the starting gate.

In fact, it took us about 41/2 years to go from idea to reality.

I would like to say it was worth the wait. I would like to say that I would do it all over it again. I would like to say it was a labor of love.

But most importantly?

I am happy as heck and I truly love to say now that we are OPEN for special event dates until our “Official” and full opening next March.

We are off and running.

And, we are off and running to the thunder of horses hooves, and thunderous applause.

Last Friday, The Louisville Thoroughbred Society welcomed its’ first members and guests to the first day of the Breeders’ Cup Championships 2020.

We had 75 of our closest friends and family join with us to jump start Louisville’s finest, upscale, premium, private club — which is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the experience of watching, wager and enjoying Thoroughbred racing.

We dined to some of the best food ever created by Crushed Ice Catering.

We drank some of the world’s finest brews and bourbons, provided by Crushed Ice Catering.

We watched and wagered on some of the world’s greatest Thoroughbreds in some of the world’s greatest races.

We all celebrated life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And, we found happiness.


Things could not have gone any better.

The weather was so nice and inviting that we opened the doors to our first members and guests and onto our expansive Terrace and outdoor entertainment space.

They mixed perfectly.

The food was so great that we invited our guests to enjoy the plates and splash down the drinks in style.

They mixed perfectly.

The state-of-the-art Audio/Video presentations were splashed all over the historic part of the building and the new simultaneously.

They mixed perfectly together.

And, the faces of those in attendance spoke volumes.

The smiles.

The laughs.

The slaps on the back.

The encouraging words was like applause on the ear.

Each person stopped to say how much they loved the place that we loved to create. Each. And. Every. Person.

It was amazing.

And, they all mixed perfectly together.

If you get a chance, give us a call.

Come see us.

Make plans to join our club.

Make plans to come and have Thanksgiving with us.

Make plans to be here. Right here.

Where we would love to mix with you, too.

Here’s the first looks inside from Breeders’ Cup weekend.

It was amazing, thanks to the incredible team at Crushed Ice Catering; the team from Strategic Communications; the professionals at Roberts Communication; our great friends at AT&T and DirecTV; the experts at United Tote and our own internal professionals.

It was a race to the wire, to be sure.

But it was and shall forever be a race worth winning.

And, last weekend we won.

We won hearts.

We won souls.

We won new members.

We won new dreams of tomorrow.

We won.