(Chef has created an amazing “Derby Pie Milkshake” that is truly to die for. Add a little splash of your favorite bourbon to the mixture? OMG. O. M. G.)

Editor’s Note:

If you have not checked out The Louisville Thoroughbred Society yet, then you should do yourself a real favor and pay a visit. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

If you love really good food, then you need to stop by and have lunch with us at the LTS. We really don’t think you will be disappointed. Everything on the menu is excellent. Every. Thing.

If you love having a good time with friends and family, then you may want to stop by and have a libation with us. Our expert team of bartenders can mix a sweet concoction or a mean drink. Either one. And, they go very well with a dash of laughter and conversation with those that you enjoy and love.

If you enjoy Thoroughbred horse racing? Really? We have 30 high-def TVs; 12 self-service betting machines; direct feeds from racetracks around the country; programs; and everything you need to watch and wager on the world’s finest athletes. You really should see this place.

We are gearing up for our first “true” Kentucky Oaks and Derby week. We are making plans. Breakfast will be on the menu. Brunch will be offered. Our members and their respective guests will be treated to laps of luxury and fun to match.

Do yourself a favor.

Check it out.

It will be worth it.

And, it you like this drink called a “Kentucky Derby Pie Milkshake?” Add a little of your favorite bourbon. OMG. Truly. O. M. G. It is amazing.

Thanks, Chef. I truly needed one of this delectable treats.

We go together.