(Ready to whet your whistle? We are about ready to join you. / All photos by Gene McLean)

(The LTS rooftop bar, green roof, entertainment zone and home of the area’s largest, premium Cigar Pavilion is nearing completion)

Editor’s Note:

I’ll be honest. I always wanted The Louisville Thoroughbred Society to be open before this year’s Kentucky Derby. Wore that emotion on my sleeve. Wore that vow in my heart. About wore out my welcome with my partners, too. After all, they are more realistic than the dreamer in the group.

But to my defense, I always thought it would be a great way to introduce our prestigious, first-class, state-of-the-art private club — dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the Thoroughbred industry — to our members and their guests.

What could be better, right?

Kentucky Derby fever and The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

Goes together better than a mint julep and a twig of mint.

Perfect timing, I always thought.

Well, my thinking doesn’t always make much logical sense. Especially when it comes to construction matters.

But today, my thinking became crystal clear.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances and developments, The Louisville Thoroughbred Society should definitely be open prior to the new version of the 2020 Kentucky Derby — which is now scheduled for the first Saturday in September and Sept. 5.

In fact, we are hoping to swing the doors (the barn ones and the conventional ones, too) open for business on or around the first day of Summer — June 20 — or on or before the July 4th holiday. We will be making a more formal and official announcement soon, when we get a bit closer to the end of the major construction phase and when the world gets through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But if you want to make sure you don’t miss this festive occasion, go to our Website (www.thelouisvillethoroughbredsociety.com) and sign up for membership. Do it today. Make sure you reserve your spot.

It will be worth it. Especially when we get ready to celebrate Kentucky Derby Festival activities and the 2020 Kentucky Derby season. Coming soon. To a September near you.

Here’s a little peek inside. Took these photos today — Tuesday, March 17:

(The final concrete pre-cast flooring panels were lowered and secured into place today for the adjacent parking garage. This section will serve as The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s “conservatory” (indoor space) and massive rooftop garden area. The doors from the 2nd floor of the Hughes Lofts building — the LTS — will open into the conservatory. That area then will give safe passage to the open air, rooftop, garden spots. It’s coming.)

(The final panels are lowered into place and crew members locked them into their final resting spots. The view is spectacular. Soon, LTS members and guests will be able to sit atop the roof, enjoy a favorite beverage and watch some of the finest Thoroughbred races from around the land.)

(The historic Cigar Bar has now been fully stained. All that awaits is the final varnish, the bar stools, the liquid libations, and, of course, YOU!)

(The main LTS bar is near completion. All that awaits here is the magnificent, hand-man counter top and the final shelves. Our TV 4-plex and other Audio/Video equipment will set this area up just right. Belly up.)

(The swinging doors to the LTS prep kitchen have been hung from the studs with care.)

(Wooden panels are being added to the LTS Library. These will get a final coat of deep green paint and some final loving touches from their author — John.)

(The main entrance area is getting final touches around the main entrance elevator. Premium touches to come.)

(Doors to the men’s and women’s rest rooms are ready for install.)


(The South End elevator is being installed.)

(Plumbing and grease traps are being finalized.)

(Scaffolding has been erected on the Washington Street side of the Hughes Lofts. New windows are now going in. Cornish work is being restored and painted. Final touches are being added.)

(A piece of the historic tin ceiling in the entrance foyer of the main building is being restored, repair and readied for reinstall.)

(The historic building is looking new again.)