Editor’s Note:

The first and most important question that people ask about The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is always the same. Always.

“Can I bet on the races at the LTS?”

They want to know. They want to watch. They want to bet.

The answer is always the same, too.

“You bet. You can bet.”

On Tuesday, June 30, United Tote officials and their installation crew began erecting 12 self-service, stand-alone betting stands and terminals throughout the LTS’ facility.

Each terminal will have a bill receptacle attached. One terminal will allow members and their guests to insert winning tickets and receive cash in return, too.

Wiring and cabling that will connect each machine to the computer system has already been installed and pulled to the facility’s Audio/Video room. Soon, it will be connected — via fiber — to the headquarters at Churchill Downs pari-mutuel system.

In 2019, Churchill Downs submitted a request to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission seeking permission to conduct simulcasting and wagering at the LTS’ site at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville. The commission approved Churchill Downs’ request unanimously.

Now, the final stages of installing the betting machines and corresponding network is in full bloom. Soon, all the machines and the computer hook-up will be tested and ready for use in August.

But there’s more going on at the LTS, too.

The final stages of building out the LTS’ “Diner,” is now going on. Windows have been inserted. Beams have been installed to hoist and hold the room’s state-of-the art wooden ceiling. Brick work has now been completed.

Soon, the “Diner” will be completed.

The LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion,” which is the last of the major construction phase, is also entering its’ final stages. Over the weekend, workers installed the metal roofing. Plu bling pipes have already been roughed in. Soon, block and brick work will be going up and the building will be framed and ready for final construction.

On Tuesday night, the LTS hosted the first of 4 “Sneak Peeks” of the facility. If you have not done so, please contact Hayley Amoss, the LTS’ Director of Membership, and sign up for a tour.

We are coming now.

Coming soon.

(On Tuesday, June 30, United Tote personnel began installing the first “stand alone” and “self-service” betting machines at “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.)

(United Tote’s installation team were attaching “money boxes” to each of the stands where 12 terminals will be installed)

(All that is left is the betting terminal to be attached to the stand and “money exchanger” at the LTS’ “Library.”)

(The doors to the LTS’ hand-crafted “Humidor” got their final splash of paint and are now ready to open “officially”)

(Two banks of private “Cigar Lockers” are now fully installed and only await the locks to be installed)

(The windows to the LTS’ “Diner” have now been installed. Soon, they will be trimmed out and the inside of the room will be drywalled and the ceiling dropped into place)

(The final brick work to the LTS’ “Diner” has now being installed. The expansive, sliding doors will soon be added, and they will give members and guests access to both indoor and outdoor dining space)

(The steel ceiling and roof to the LTS’ outdoor “Cigar Pavilion” has now been added. Soon, the walls will be erected and the room will be finished out. It is the last of the “construction” projects associated with the club)

(The steps in the front foyer of the Hughes Lofts — home to the LTS — were carved from support beams removed in other areas of the facility. Today, they were varnished and stained. Lovely)