The weather has certainly turned a bit cooler in Kentucky. And, so is The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

Construction workers continue to grind away at the outside parking garage, which will be neatly squeezed in-between our current and new location at 209 East Main Street, which will be known as the Hughes Lofts, and the Ice House.

The rooftop of the new, 2-story parking structure — once it is completed — will marry up with the second floor of the Hughes Lofts and the premises of the LTS. This will enable us to expand out on top of the concrete floor with an expanded in-door space and a beautifully decorated roof-top pavilion, green roof garnishing and party space for all members.

The rooftop will also house the LTS dinning area on the Main Street end of the new structure, and our state-of-the-art Cigar Smoking Pavilion, which will be located on the Washington Street end of the garage. The Cigar Pavilion will be fully functional 12 months of the year, and compliant with all local ordinances that govern the use of cigar products.

In addition, construction workers continue to plow ahead inside of the Hughes Lofts, as well, and progress can be seen every single day.

Plumbing and electrical lines are being run throughout the LTS space.

New windows have been installed on the Main Street end of the LTS leased premises, and in the room that we will call “The Library.”

The new elevator shafts have been completed on both the North and South ends, and brick work has been re-installed around the Main Floor of the building, matching the beautiful white brick that was originally constructed in the main entrance.

The brand new public staircases have been completed on both the North and South ends, as well. Concrete has been poured in each, and now both are fully functional.

All the walls have been studded up and are about ready for drywall to be added in the next couple of months.

The walk-in humidor will be finalized and ordered this week. It it scheduled to be ready for install in January.

The “Cigar Bar” has been installed in the Washington Street end of the LTS premises, and the shelving that has been hand-made to match the bar is now ready for install on the wall behind the “Speakeasy-Styled” room.

The old, wooden staircase that serviced all 6 floors of the building has now been removed completely, and the flooring that was carved up from that space will now be repurposed to fill in the gaps.

Electrical contractors are currently installing all the “specialized” conduit and lines for the LTS betting terminals and state-of-the art Audio/Video equipment.

In short?

We have come a long, long, long way.

And, we are looking good.

If you get a chance, drop us a note. Schedule a tour. Come see us.

We are moving in the right direction.

Opening Soon.

Now, take a peek inside the doors and under the tent. Here’s some views:

(The old brick that was saved from another part of the building has been repurposed, and is now framing the elevator shaft in the South Tower and the basement. New windows for the front of the Hughes Lofts are now ready to be popped into place.)

(Historic subway bricks have been saved and relocated around the elevator shaft on the main floor lobby area, and new doors have been created to provide access to the LTS premises on the second floor.)

(A new garage wall has been poured, and the new windows have been installed.)

(The LTS main entrance foyer has elevator doors and a new staircase door opened. All the bathrooms have been roughed in with water and electricity.)

(The new staircase on the left has been completed, and the old staircase, on the right, has been eliminated.)

(The old staircase is now a memory, but the woodwork will be saved and reutilized. To live and work another place and another time.)

(The new front of an old building has been completely refurbished, restored and is ready for unveiling, and new windows are going up and in.)

(A few more concrete pillars to pour for the parking garage, which is taking shape. By the moment.)